Yellow Sperm? 5 Tips On How To Improve Semen Quality!

Many men have yellow sperm and thick semen that doesn’t shoot as far as they’d like to.

The color of our semen isn’t so troubling for us, it actually seems that it’s women who prefer when our sperm is a healthy pearly white and with less lumps in it. So if your sperm is yellow, perhaps your woman would like to see a few changes. If you don’t believe me, then ask her.

What men want

As men, we prefer when our semen is fairly thick but not so thick that it fails to shoot out fast and far enough.

Thick and healthy semen is a sign of manliness and and virility for many of us. Semen that just dribbles out slowly when you ejaculate is undesirable.

So how do you avoid yellow sperm, get good healthy pearly white semen (remember when it was like that?) and manage to shoot as far as possible when you ejaculate?

Read the following 5 tips and techniques for improving semen qualitY.

1. Drink plenty of liquids

Thick, strange-looking sperm that has clumps in it and that fails to shoot far can be a result of dehydration or of not drinking enough water.

Increase your intake of water to 3 liters per day. Include more fruit juices and don’t hesitate to get yourself a good juicer for juicing fresh fruits and vegetables the right way.

Always make sure you’re always sufficiently hydrated, from morning until night.

2. Take some herbal boosters

Low quality yellow sperm can be a result of fluctuating levels of free testosterone in your body.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone that declines steadily in men after the age of around 30 years old.

Low testosterone is frequently (not always) the cause of low sperm count and poor quality sperm.

You need to be optimizing the quality of your sperm as much as possible with a good testosterone boosting supplement.

What worked for me was using eliminating these foods.

My sleep, muscle tone and libido all improved thanks to herbal supplements and more importantly, I managed to improve semen quality and have good healthy white semen instead of clumpy unpleasant sperm.

3. Avoid alcohol and smoking

As well as being hard on your libido, alcohol and smoking do nothing to improve semen quality.

In fact, if you’re concerned that your clumpy, yellow sperm isn’t improving in quality at all despite your best efforts, you should consider cutting down on alcohol and quitting smoking.

Smoking is definitely one to cut out completely as there is absolutely nothing positive about it.

Drinking in moderation is ok, but that doesn’t mean you should go out drinking every day to relax.

When you drink often, your body starts to struggle to expel the alcohol as fast as it used to. This also has an impact on your semen quality because your body will be struggling to expel all other toxins in it (from foods, exhaust fumes etc).

Your semen could be yellow in color due to the numerous toxins that are not being expelled from your body fast enough.

Cut out smoking and drinking and see your semen turn white and healthy within a few weeks.

4. Improve your diet for good sperm

You knew this one would be coming right?

A poor diet is all too often the reason behind poor sperm quality. Eating the wrong foods, too loaded in white carbs and the wrong kind of fats and neglecting to eat healthy food is a common cause of sperm problems.

If you want to get healthy white sperm and improve your libido in doing so, you need to cut out junk food, eliminate white carbs (pasta, bread) and low value snacks such as potato chips and peanuts.

Include more cruciferous vegetables in your diet such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and sprouts instead.

5. Detox for high quality sperm

When I had sperm that wasn’t looking good, I was trying all sorts of different techniques to make it healthier.

What worked faster than anything for me was a simple detox. This was hard to do, but has many benefits so I would recommend it to you.

When you detox you start to have more energy, clearer thoughts and you look and feel younger. Your skin has a glow to it and your eyes seem to have more sparkle.

People also lose weight and get harder bodies from detoxing, although that wasn’t really my case as I am already in good shape.

In order to detox you need to be eating as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible and almost nothing else!

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