Watery Sperm – How To Improve Thin Semen Quality

What do you do if you have watery sperm or thin semen?

As men, we prefer it when our sperm is thick and healthy, full of vitality and when it has some substance.

Obviously, we don’t want to have sperm so thick, clumpy and yellow that it fails to shoot out properly at all.

But we certainly want to avoid having watery sperm that just trickles out when we ejaculate.

This kind of sperm unfortunately means you have a little problem that you’re going to have to work on. You might have a low libido and pains in your testicles.

But relax, it’s entirely possible to improve your sperm quality and return to the good old days when you had thick, healthy white sperm that would powerfully shoot out from you.

Read about how to do it with these 3 big tips and techniques.

1. Ejaculation Retention

Instead of masturbating every day or for some younger men, 3 times per day, hold yourself back and keep it inside instead.

Ejaculating too often can lower the quality of your sperm and exhaust your sexual hormones.

If you keep ejaculating too often, you could end up sexually exhausted with pains in your testicular area and perineum, as well as low libido and watery sperm.

Believe me, this is really not what you want at all.

So hold back, don’t ejaculate more than 3-4 times per week.

2. Take Time Before Ejaculating

Did you ever notice how your sperm is much healthier looking, how there is more of it and how it shoots out much further when you take over 30 minutes before coming?

If you can make love for longer than 1 hour, you’ll see that your sperm is of excellent quality and that your ejaculation is generally more powerful than normal.

Do not ejaculate too fast

Men that ejaculate too fast too often, whether it’s their choice or not, are running a huge risk.

The risk of frequent fast ejaculation is that you’ll run your hormone levels dangerously low, weakening libido and lowering your sexual potency.

Taking your time helps your body to produce extra testosterone, helps your balls to whip up far higher quality sperm and improves erections too.

Whether you’re masturbating or making love, hold back.

If you do have troubles with holding back from ejaculating, the best you can do is refer to a help guide such as Male Libido Booster Program which is delivered with a free bonus guide that will teach you how to boost your endurance and therefore improve sperm quality.

If you can hold back from ejaculation without a problem, read on..

3. Boost Your Man Hormones

What do we mean by man hormones?

I’m referring to testosterone, the principal sex hormone in the male body.

Testosterone levels start to decline after a man hits 30 years old and sperm count declines with it.

Smart men manage to keep their T levels high through their 30s and even into their 50s. There’s no reason why you cannot boost T levels to the point where you have no more watery sperm and your libido levels hit the roof.

Low testosterone on its own could be the reason why your thin semen is causing you problems. You’ll need a good balance of the best testosterone-boosting herbs, combined with vitamins and minerals that help to improve sperm volume and quality.

4. Eat Food For Sperm Quality

Food is the fuel of your body and your choices when it comes to eating will be reflected in your sperm quality.

In fact, your food is the most important influencer on every aspect of your life, not just your sperm, so improving your diet can help you improve your life.

Make yourself a few rules: avoid junk food, avoid white carbs (bread, pasta) and eat more vegetables and fruits.

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For good sperm, try eating lots of cauliflower, cabbage and sprouts. These are all good cruciferous vegetables which fight to lower estrogen in men as well as improving testosterone.

Eat more fish and protein meats such as chicken and turkey.

5. Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals in the environment around you can have a hugely negative impact on your health.

Cleaning detergents, plastics and exhaust fumes are the main culprits and can be extremely detrimental to your sperm count and quality.

Have a look at all the chemicals in your house and try to replace personal hygiene products with natural substances. You can easily find natural soap, shampoo and other personal hygiene products.

Eliminate food with plastic packaging, processed food and bottled water.

Stick to fresh food, organic meat and filtered water. Your sperm should improve in quality and quantity as a result.

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