Vitamins to Increase Libido – Natural Techniques For Sexual Energy

Taking vitamins to increase libido is becoming increasingly popular as both men and women want to speed up their sex drive recovery, fast track to a high libido lifestyle or simply compensate for not eating the right foods.

A low libido is caused by any one or more of several factors such as diet, hormonal imbalance, poor blood circulation, age and stress.

For some people, simply taking vitamins is not enough.

What needs to be taken with vitamins to increase libido?

I highly recommend taking herbs and vitamins with libido to increase sex drive and improve sexual performance.

The best way to do this is to take herbal libido booster supplements which contain the very best vitamins in optimal amounts for your body.

If you’re suffering from low female libido, low male libido, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation at all, then libido boosters can help you recover.

Libido boosters contain not only the best vitamins, but also herbs and minerals which increase sex drive and give you long term results.

Herbal libido remedies keep working even after you stop taking them.

Breakdown of libido increasing vitamins

Vitamin A

This vitamin is essential because it helps maintain and the synthesize progesterone, a hormone necessary for sexual function.

Vitamin B Group (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, & Folate)

These vitamins regulate sex hormone functions and assist in the production of energy and nerve transmission, essential for your sexual functioning.

B group vitamins also help to reduce levels of the libido decreasing prolactin.

Vitamin B6 helps to regulate testosterone levels in men. If your testosterone levels are right, your sex drive will be in better condition.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important part in hormonal balance when it comes to sexual function and fertility. Androgen, progesterone and estrogen are also regulated by vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Any vitamin which doubles as an antioxidant protects your body. Vitamin E protects your internal sexual functioning from degrading with age.

Minerals good for your sex drive




Recommendations to increase sex drive with vitamins

You can find some of the the above vitamins in multivitamin tablets that can be picked up at your health store.

But these won’t be optimized for improving libido. They will help a bit, but you’ll probably prefer something that acts faster and stronger.

I recommend taking herbal supplements which contain these vitamins as well as natural potent herbs for increasing libido.

For men or women, the best way to improve your sex drive is using natural supplements.

For men, I documented the best and most effective natural supplements in a clear and concise guide that is free to download right now.

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The best herbs and vitamins to increase libido 

Natural libido boosters for improving sexual performance fast 

Once you have some herbal libido boosters, you can make sure you have more than enough of vitamins to increase sex drive by improving your diet.

It helps to know what foods are the right ones and which food to avoid in order to have a high performing libido. 

Take vitamins to increase libido with these high libido foods