Vitamin D : A Solution to Boost Testosterone Levels

The human body needs 24 essential vitamins in order to work properly. Vitamin D is one of those. Regulating more than one thousand functions : it reinforces the immune system, affects over 200 genes, repairs our DNA, maintains metabolism and reduces the risk of diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, heart attack, etc.

What has that to do with testosterone? You’ll discover that below. Because Vitamin D is a solution to boost testosterone levels…naturally.

Vitamin D : A Solution to Boost Testosterone Levels – Science

Vitamin D is no ordinary vitamin, in fact, it’s not even one, it’s a hormone! We essentially find it in food but our main source comes from the sun. This hormone is synthesised in the skin from a cholesterol derivate, under the action of UVB rays (sun exposure). When it comes to diet, there are two forms that are bioavailable to us: vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol (vegetal origin) and vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol (animal origin). Those molecules are secosteroids and they both share similarities with testosterone.

Vitamin D is intimately linked to the endocrine system – which is known to regulate numerous hormones, including testosterone. A study published in 2010 found a link between testosterone and vitamin D levels. The men who had a decent level of vitamin D had higher testosterone levels than those who were deficient. (1)

The following year, a study proved that a year long of vitamin D supplementation had improved the testosterone levels of the participants. Those who took the supplement observed an increase of 25%, in contrast to the placebo group who didn’t experience any notable improvement. (2)

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There’s no doubt that levels of vitamin D and testosterone are linked but let’s look at how you can improve your testosterone levels by upping your intake and a few additional facts…

Scientific Facts to Improve your Vitamin D Knowledge & your Testosterone Levels:

  • Men with low vitamin D levels are more likely to have low testosterone levels. Unlike, those who have healthy levels of the sunshine vitamin.
  • Healthy men who take a low dosed vitamin D supplement can potentially expect to see a 25% rise in their testosterone levels.
  • If your vitamin D level is optimal, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get any improvement on your testosterone levels.
  • Sun exposure is absolutely necessary (without sunscreen) to dramatically increase testosterone production. However, no more than 20 minutes to avoid increasing skin cancer risk. Under 20 minutes of sun exposure is safe but avoid the hours where sun rays are the most aggressive (between noon and 2pm).
  • Naked sun bathing is ideal to boost vitamin D synthesis, let your balls breathe…discreetly!
  • The major part of the Occidental population has a vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, it’s of capital importance to take a supplement, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere. To improve your levels, opt for a vitamin D3 supplement, it’s far more bioavailable than vitamin D2.

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Testosterone for Noobs

Here’s a little recap on the importance of testosterone.

Testosterone is an essential male hormone (also found in women). For us, this hormone plays a decisive role on our physical development during puberty, by stimulating sperm production and defining sexual characteristics such as hairiness and voice. Testosterone also increases bone mass, stimulates muscular development (mass & force), improves libido and mood. It also plays a crucial role on tissue recovery and red blood cells production (indispensable to transport oxygen in our blood).

Sources of Vitamin D, Sun Exposure and Best Results

As previously stated, a minimum of 20 minutes of daily sun exposure is required to synthesise enough vitamin D. Ideally, you need to have 50% of your skin exposed. If you are into nudism, it’s even better! Otherwise, you might want to try…after all, it can only make you more comfortable with your own body AND increase your testosterone levels!

If you want to try a supplement, it’s vital to choose a vitamin D3 one. It’s by far the most bioavailable one that exists. Choose a supplement that has 5000 UI (daily recommendation for an adult male). If you are 50 or more, you can opt for a higher dose because your body can’t synthesise it as well.

You can also increase your vitamin D levels by eating more fatty fish. However, limit your fatty fish consumption to two portions per week to avoid mercury poisoning (and other pollutants).

Depending on your location, the weather and your diet, you’ll have to decide whether to increase your vitamin D supplementation by sun bathing and/or taking a vitamin D3 supplement.

Vitamin D is a solution to boost your testosterone levels but to improve it even more, you could also try…super foods to boost your male hormone and sexual performance!

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Vincent Lee