Urinary Infection In Men – How To Treat It Permanently

penis-infectionA urinary tract infection for a man can be disturbing occurrence. From experience, having personally been diagnosed with an infection that spread throughout the urethra, the prostate and the bladder and caused erectile dysfunction and pains in the prostate area and perineum, I can attest that this is no laughing matter.

Furthermore, the symptoms of an infected prostate or bladder can lead to prostatitis, a condition whereby the prostate gland remains swollen and irritated. The prostate is responsible not only for part of the production of semen fluid, it can restrict the urine flow.

Chronic or recurring prostatitis or bacterial infections can occur as a result of one single bacterial or non-bacterial infection.

Other symptoms of infections of the urinary tract or prostate gland are:

How It Can Happen

There can be various causes of the infection although it’ll be hard to determine what has actually caused your own. Typically, they are the following:

  • Dehydration or not drinking enough fluids
  • Drinking too much alcohol too often
  • Inejaculation or blocking semen from ejaculation
  • Holding urine for too long
  • General poor health

How To Treat Urinary And Prostate Infections

Naturally, if you find yourself to be a victim of a urinary infection, you’ll probably see your doctor first, which is the best course of action. The doctor will easily be able to diagnose your problem once you mention the symptoms. You may find that he or she gives you a rectal touch, in order to feel your prostate through the rectum with his/her finger. This isn’t particularly pleasant but must be done.

Some doctors may then refer you to a urologist or specialist in the domain but most will prescribe antibiotics in the hope that the infection will clear up.

Recurring Infections And Prostatits

What happens when the infection apparently disappears but most of the symptoms remain is when many men begin to worry and search for solutions that were not provided by antibiotics. Most men will return to see the doctor who may prescribe more antibiotics or other medication. Some may suggest using Saw Palmetto to improve general prostate health.

However, the unpleasant symptoms tend to return and are felt more severely in certain times, notably after eating spicy food or drinking alcohol.

In this case, in order to prevent urinary tract infection symptoms making life a misery, a natural cause of treatment can be effective.

The Best Natural Way To Treat And Prevent Future Infections

You may have read about some expensive powerful herbal pills that can help to cure your problems naturally. I am sure these can help, but you can find a far easier way of treating yourself naturally.

The following course of action is what I strongly recommend having known disturbing recurring prostatitis and infection symptoms:

  1. Avoid all alcohol
  2. Avoid all spicy foods
  3. Avoid all animal fat (meat, dairy)
  4. Eat only fresh and natural vegetables
  5. Drink 3-4 litres of water per day (6-8 pints)
  6. Drink pure cranberry juice and take cranberry supplements
  7. Lots and lots of broccoli, cooked for 5 minutes maximum for both lunch and dinner
  8. Drink the water the broccoli was cooked in the day before, every morning on an empty stomach (do not eat anything else for 20 minutes afterwards)
  9. Consume plenty of cauliflower, sprouts, spinach and kale on a daily basis
  10. Ejaculate regularly, not too often and not too little (every 2-3 days)
  11. When ejaculating, maintain the erection for as long as possible before climax
  12. Urinate as soon as you feel like it (unless you are in public view)
  13. Exercise daily (walking for 30+ minutes per day is essential)
  14. Engage in daily light perineum massage

Note: refer to this article for more information on broccoli

Continue the above treatment for 21 days minimum, or continue for more time if you do not yet feel completely cured of the symptoms. You may be surprised at the results from the above. It requires some discipline but positive relief of symptoms should start in just a few days.