The Causes Effects and How To Treat ED In Young Men

Before diving into the cause erectile dysfunction (ED) in young men (under the age of 40), it’s important to understand what causes erectile dysfunction in general. Despite popular belief, a lot more goes into achieving an erection than it may seem.

Achieving an erection begins when nerves fire in the brain after a male is turned on, this leads to increased blood flow to the penis, and if the process is successful the male is ready for sexual activity.

Unfortunately, problems can arise which leads to erectile dysfunction. At times, physical factors are the culprit and on other occasions, mental stumbling blocks can lead to ED.  High levels of anxiety, depression, and stress are common factors which cause erectile dysfunction.

An Interesting Study

A 2013 study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that erectile dysfunction is prevalent in younger men than previously thought. Their in-depth study found that 26 percent of adult men under the age of 30 suffered from ED. Unfortunately, the study also concluded that nearly half of these young men had severe erectile dysfunction.

If the study is correct the rate of ED found in younger men is comparable to that found in older men (older than 40), however, the causes of erectile problems in the two age groups may differ. The Journal of Sexual Medicine study found that younger ED patients were more likely than their older counterparts to smoke or experiment with illegal drugs.

What Causes ED In Young Men?

Younger men should look into their lifestyle habits or the state of their life as being possible causes of their erectile dysfunction. The problem could relate to extreme fatigue (sleeping for at least six hours per night is important to your sexual health), stress and relationship issues could all lead to erectile issues.

As mentioned earlier, excessive smoking and drug use may lead to ED issues. Those who drink excessively may also see symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Poor penis function can also be a sign of other problems which result in ED. Hormone disorders such as hypogonadism result in the male body producing extremely low levels of testosterone.

Other physical factors are obesity as studies have shown men with excessive body fat suffer from erectile dysfunction more often than muscular men or those of average size.

ED can also be a sign of diabetes; high levels of blood glucose can damage the blood vessels responsible for supplying the penis with enough blood to achieve an erection.

How Young Men Can Get Help

Consulting a doctor is an option for young men who suffer from extreme erectile dysfunction. For less severe ED problems taking sexual enhancement supplements may provide an adequate solution to the problem. In some case, erectile dysfunction can be cured by changing lifestyle habits. Increasing exercise, reducing smoking, drinking, and consuming high sugar foods may reverse the symptoms of ED.

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