Sleeping Naked Improves Testosterone?

What if sleeping naked improves testosterone levels? Well, before we get into that, let’s talk about the freedom of sleeping without a pajama. Isn’t that way sexier, whether you are by yourself and even more so, if you share your bed with your partner?

However, regardless if it’s sexy or not, sleeping naked as many benefits. Let’s take a look at those, shall we?

The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

The concept of sleeping naked is nothing new. You probably have friends who enjoy sleeping with nothing but their sheets and duvet. Nonetheless, if you haven’t done so yet, I may change your opinion, because…

Sleeping Naked Improves Sleep Quality

In order to fall asleep, the body needs a small heat reduction to get around 36Β°C (instead of 37Β°C). However, by wearing a pajama or underwear, the body needs to work harder to reduce its temperature.

As a consequence, this delays sleep and increases the chance of a very light sleep. Additionally, when our bodies are too hot, we are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night. One could think that with this fact alone, a pajama budget is a bit unnecessary.

Also, wearing pajamas and/or underwear can be extremely problematic for a good blood flow. The elastic bands they often contain can negatively impact blood flow and thus, prevent a healthy irrigation of your organs.

Instead, imagine yourself getting into a fresh bed with nothing on you but your inherent elegance. As a result, your blood flow is boosted by a phenomenon called vasoconstriction. Which means that your blood vessels reduce in order to keep internal heat and regulate your body’s temperature.

So, if you tend to overheat your room, make sure that you don’t and go for a slightly fresh room instead.

Overall, sleeping naked is a brilliant way to ensure falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper.

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Sleeping Naked Boosts your Health

When we are in our beds, stark naked, in a dark, dark room and without technological distractions (smartphones, tablets, etc.), our bodies produce melatonin – the sleeping hormone. The production of melatonin is at its best when our bodies are free of all constriction (clothing) and extra heat.

Melatonin can help fight against cellular aging and favors the cellular regeneration of our skin and hair. Therefore, sleeping naked can indeed make you turn the clock back!

Moreover, sleeping naked reduces infection risk by reducing the amount of surrounding heat (heat favors bacterial proliferation). Therefore, let your junk breathe!

And now, to go back to our original subject… Sleeping naked improves testosterone levels?

Well, by letting your testes breathe in a fresher environment, you will boost testosterone and sperm production. In an ideal world, your testes enjoy a temperature of 34Β°C. (1)

So, yes, sleeping naked improves testosterone levels!

But the list doesn’t stop here…

Sleeping Naked = More Intimacy & Sex

If you have a partner or enjoy dating, sleeping naked will spice things up!


When two partners/persons sleep together naked, it increases the desire for physical contact and to establish a connection. In fresh sheets, we naturally are more inclined to get closer and it’s even better, when naked. That’s not a revolutionary concept, but there’s more…

A British study surveyed 1000 couples and concluded that 57% of them were a lot more satisfied and happy with their sexual life by sleeping naked! And considering we are talking about the UK, that’s a very high percentage! πŸ˜‰ (2)

Additionally, sleeping naked together favors relaxation. Indeed, skin contact increases oxytocin, the love hormone, which is also known to reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

And the benefits don’t stop here…physical contact reassures us and favors endorphin and dopamine production. Respectively, the hormone that brings relief from stress and the one that is linked to love and pleasure. Therefore, getting closer to each other while being naked increases trust thanks to this beautiful hormonal cocktail.

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Sleeping Naked Improves Testosterone? – Conclusion

As a conclusion, you should know that nudity is essential to accept and enjoy our bodies. When we are naked, we allow ourselves to explore our bodies and fully feel the sensations produced by it. More so, if we let our partners do it for us every now and then!

Nowadays, we are hardly ever naked. If we are, it’s during intercourse or in the shower. It’s important to preserve the link between the mind and the body, and let ourselves break slightly free from conventions.

Nudity is not only an appreciation of your own body but also, other bodies. It can allow you to develop a more tolerant view in regards of others.

Also, by being more in touch with your own nakedness, you will learn to develop your own inner sensuality, especially when you are with your partner. Try caressing someone in their pajamas and see if that’s pleasant!

All in all, sleeping naked improves testosterone and libido levels, favors a good sleep, improves health and increase your chances of sexy times!

So, when are YOU starting?

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Vincent Lee