How to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally (tips and techniques)

diabeticDiabetes is one of the biggest problems facing Americans today and also as a very common cause of erectile dysfunction.

According to the American Diabetes Association over 25 million people have this disorder. Also there are over 79 million people who are considered pre diabetic.

These alarming numbers are attributed to the very high consumption of simple sugars and high fat diets.

Diabetes has been connected to a variety of other medical problems and ailments. It is most commonly found in people who have high blood pressure. This can come as a result of stress or from poor diet. Diabetes can lead in fact to a number of different health problems and can eventually results in death.  Furthermore, African Americans tend to be at highest risk for diabetes.

Complications Of Diabetes

Diabetes when a person no longer produces insulin when their body encounters high levels of sugar. This may be due to the fact that the pancreas no longer secretes insulin or because the cells are no longer responding. When this occurs sugar levels can rise dangerously high and the blood can become toxic. 4

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There are three major symptoms of Diabetes including:

  • increased urination
  • increased thirst
  • increased hunger

There are 2major types of Diabetes classified as Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the person’s body fails to produce insulin at all. This may cause a person to take regular shots or wear a patch that introduces insulin into their body.

Type 2 occurs when the cells of the body fail to respond to the insulin signal produced.

If left untreated diabetes in either stage can lead to complication of the heart, brain, liver and kidneys. In some cases diabetes will cause the kidneys of the body to shut down altogether.

This will cause toxins to build up within the person because of the increase of urine build up within the body. Also cardiovascular disease which can lead to heart attacks and possible heart failure. All of these complications can lead to amputations, permanent disabilities and death.

Tips and Techniques to Reverse Diabetes

The purpose of the following tips is to help you to reverse diabetes in order to resolve not only erectile dysfunction, but the myriad of different problems associated with diabetes.

Unfortunately there is no way to reverse the effects of Type 1 diabetes. This condition stays with a person for their lifetime.

However there are actions that a person can take in order to deal with Type 1 diabetes. The first \is to live a healthier lifestyle. The person should commit themselves to eating cleaner foods and drinking plenty of water.

Also the person should refrain from eating too many sweets that may cause their blood sugar to rise up dramatically. Exercise is another great option as it is important that diabetics keep their weight in check.

For Type 2 diabetes there is hope for reversal!

Since this condition is simply the cells not responding to the insulin present in the body there are things that a person can do to reverse the effects of it.

It is important to understand that reversal, means weaning yourself off of your diabetes medication.

One big tip is a dramatic change in a person’s eating habits. The person should choose lean meats, fresh veggies and whole grain breads over fast food options.

This will help to keep the blood sugar in check. You also must keep in mind that the chances of reversing diabetes comes from the amount of damage already done to a person’s body. However in most cases a clean diet, plenty of water and exercise is all that it takes to reverse Diabetes 2.