Alcohol and Impotence: Danger

Recently, a close friend told me that he couldn’t get it up because of his booze consumption. Ironically, for some alcohol seems to spice things up in bed, while others experience a sexual blackout. What is the truth between alcohol and impotence? Is it really… a dangerous liaison?

I have researched the subject and the science behind the scenes can be quite sobering to say the least…

Alcohol and Impotence – Is it only about the quantity?

You had one too many and left your other half frustrated? It happens and yes, high quantities of liquor will impair your sexual life and if it’s too regular, your health too. So far, nothing new, right? But do you know why?

The relationship between erections and alcohol consumption is far more nuanced than what we would think. When you drink a reasonable amount of alcoholic drinks, you’ll notice that your erections and libido may improve. However, that improvement isn’t physical, it’s due to the uninhibiting effect of alcohol. Here’s a perfect analogy: when you drink, you expect to loosen up and be more sexually forward, so eventually, when booze works its drunken voodoo, you loosen up and are more sexually forward. Therefore, you could call that a placebo effect with a little physical help (the magical liquid).

On a related note, the uninhibiting effect produced by alcohol can also improve creativity and reduce anxiety. And we all know, how debilitating performance anxiety can be. Furthermore, a moderate consumption could also delay ejaculation, extending pleasure and improving the chances of a dual orgasm.

If you suffer from performance anxiety, I invite you to read this article to find adequate solutions.

Nevertheless, once you have had that infamous drink, you know the one that turns your merry mood into a world of drunken mishaps and future embarrassment…it’s too late. Additionally, when it comes to impotence, it’s usually pretty straight forward. It’s about quantity. If you drink too much that one time or regularly, BOOM, no more bed magic! Actually, the more you drink, the worse it gets. The next day, you probably won’t fancy any sexy times either.

So, the more you drink, the worse your sexual life gets. Excessive and regular alcohol consumption only has one outcome and that’s alcoholism. Here’s a good reminder of the risks regardless of the “few” benefits that you can get with a moderate consumption.

Alcohol and Impotence – Alcoholism

Once, you’ve went beyond the threshold of reasonable drinking on a regular basis, you enter the heavy duty life threatening category: alcoholism. And with it, the gradual impoverishment of your erections, libido or anything sexual really. So if you feel anxious and solely rely on booze to steady your nerves, the risks might outweigh the benefits. Finding another (healthy) alternative will be necessary if this a problem for you.

Important: Alcohol addiction is real. The more you drink, the more alcohol you will need to feel the same results. Alcoholism, even in its early stages, can damage your liver, the nerves that control erection and seriously impact the quality of your blood flow. Also, alcoholism will decrease your testosterone levels – a hormone that is essential for functioning and healthy sexual organs.

One study showed that amongst the alcoholic participants, 63% suffered from an erectile dysfunction. Moreover, this was confirmed by a similar (and more recent) study, with 100 participants. A whooping 72% of them suffered from one or several erectile dysfunctions! (1,2)

If you are young and suffer from an erectile dysfunction, this article will provide the necessary information to help you.

Eventually, alcoholism destroys the liver. An organ that plays a major role on testosterone production. If your liver isn’t healthy, it won’t be able to do its job – which is cleaning internal and external waste (aka toxins). Among them, there are oestrogenic toxins, which are essentially, derivates of the female hormone, oestrogen. An excessive amount will perturb your endocrine system and reduce drastically your male hormones levels.

To avoid getting there, read the following…

Learn to say No to Alcohol and Yes to Life

Thankfully, if your liver isn’t too damaged, it will regenerate itself and will be able to do its job just fine. But to get there, it is imperative to stop or greatly diminish alcohol consumption. In addition, you’ll have to improve your lifestyle, if needed. Eating healthily and cooking clean meals will greatly improve your chances to recover. The same goes for a regular physical activity.

Cardiovascular activities will improve your blood flow and will help waste “management”. Lifting weights or a callisthenic routine will boost your metabolism and increase your testosterone levels. For better results, practice 5 to 6 days a week – something you enjoy, preferably! Don’t hesitate trying new sports, like martial arts, swimming, climbing, hockey, rugby, football, canoeing, hiking, etc. There’s something for everyone!

Remember: Alcohol should be consumed occasionally and with moderation. I know it’s fun but the risks to your health and sexual life are very, very real. For those special occasions, limit the number of your drinks to avoid the inevitable hangover. You’ll thank yourself! 😉

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Vincent Lee