Premature Ejaculation Cream – Treatment Or Not?

How can using premature ejaculation cream make you last longer when you make love?

The claims that rubbing some cream on your penis can give you perfect ejaculation control seem a little questionable at first.

How could cream possibly prevent premature ejaculation from occurring? Doesn’t your erection strength come from your body and not the skin on your penis?

In order to find out whether this cream provides a long term solution to improving your control  in bed, whether it works just for the duration of lovemaking or whether it just doesn’t work at all, you need to examine its ingredients.

What does “cream to last longer” contain?

Typically, the ingredients are a mixture of both natural and synthetic.

The cream contains natural ingredients such as lecithin, niacin and L-Arginine. These are all naturally occurring substances which promote the formation of testosterone and work to improve blood flow.

So far so good, as low testosterone levels and poor blood flow can indeed impact sexual performance and lead to poor ejaculation control.

However, these creams can (and do) contain synthetic substances such as Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester and DMA. Apart from being developed in a laboratory, these substances work to reduce tactile sensations on your skin. The idea is that you last longer if you feel less.

The Verdict on Premature Ejaculation Cream

My verdict is that this substance should be avoided to improve sexual performance.

There are two important reasons why. First of all, using this cream is not a long term solution. Its effects are only temporary and will solve nothing long term.

The day you run out of cream and are waiting for a delivery you’ll be left high and dry.

You’ll be anxious about your quick ejaculation problems.

Wouldn’t you prefer to find a solution that doesn’t lead to you depending on putting cream on you?

Also, do you really want to pause to put cream on you in the thick of the action? When does it go on?

Synthetic ingredients that block sensations

The second reason you should think twice before purchasing cream is the fact that this product apparently reduces the sensations in your penis (it even says so in the product description) using synthetic ingredients

This is hardly reassuring. Using synthetic products to reduce sensation in your penis? This doesn’t strike me as a very natural, permanent solution to learning full control of your ejaculatory reflexes.

Natural alternatives to using cream

There are alternative natural methods of controlling yourself during sex which you can use to improve your sexual performance and feel more sensations during sex instead of less.

These natural and herbal techniques are devoid of any use of synthetic products and focus only on long term solutions.

They help your libido to get into a permanently healthy condition and raise your energy levels.

Using natural herbs can help your body to regain its hormonal balance, detoxify the liver and improve the performance of the central nervous system.

The articles below explain exactly how to prevent premature ejaculation without ever using cream or synthetic products or medication.

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