Perineum Massage – How To Improve Perineal Circulation

Perineum massage on a regular basis can be beneficial for men who have been experiencing one or more of the following conditions:

– Pains in the perineum area, in the lower buttocks, the prostate and around the base of the penis

– Men with poor blood circulation in their penile area due to weight, lifestyle and poor diet

– Men who have low libido and weak erections

Sometimes, men experience all 3 of the above symptoms. While perineum massage alone may not be enough to relieve the symptoms in a short time, massaging is still necessary to help improve sexual health and important to maintain good prostate health.

I can recommend regular perineal massage for improved male sexual healthand for relieving prostate and perineum pains. Please read on to see why.

The Benefits Of Massaging The Perineum

good perineal massage, properly executed, can have many benefits, the main one being improved circulation in the penile area.

Poor circulation in this area can lead to weak erections as your penis depends on blood reaching it in adequate quantities for enough time.

The perineum is important in the process of erections and is also considered an erogenous zone. Massaging it can improve the blood flow and increase erection quality.

Regular massage of the perineum can also relieve pains in the prostate area and disperse pockets of sharp pains in the buttocks.

Techniques Of Perineum Massage

To be massaging the perineum, you obviously need to know where it is.

The perineal area that you can massage is the part behind the testicles and in front of the anus.

Technically, the anus is also included in the perineal area too although you can only massage the area between your testicles and anus, and no more than that.

In order to massage it correctly, you need to be gently using your fingers on both hands to massage blood towards your penile area. Massage constantly for 4-5 minutes kneading the area without being overly aggressive.

Include the tops of your groin muscles in the massage and move from your perineum area to your testicles slowly while massaging. Massage under your testicles and at the very base of the penis for best results.

When to do perineum massages

Massaging the perineal area can be done every day, at least once per day and very thoroughly.

Your penis can be erect when undertaking perineal massage; in fact, it may even be more beneficial for you to do this while you have an erection.

Improving Sexual Health

Male sexual health can be greatly improved by regular perineum massage together with effective penile massage and kegel exercises (follow the below links for more information).

Using all 3 techniques together is an excellent way of greatly improving your sexual health, libido and of avoiding problems with the prostate that may occur at some time in life.

Using the above techniques together with another natural method (orgasm edging) is excellent for your erection strength, frequency and male hormone levels.

Improving Prostate Health

Unless you’ve been living under a stone, you’ll have realized that prostate health and libido are strongly linked.

The prostate is central to good male sexual health. When you have pains in your prostate area, it could mean a recurring problem is about to begin. Many men suffer from prostate pains for years in the mistaken belief that there is no solution for them.

Having suffered from what was apparently permanent prostate pains and having cured them myself, I can speak from experience to reassure you on this matter. You can cure your prostate pains and revive your libido in doing so.

Finding reliable information

The first step is to take care to find some reliable information, which is what you are already doing.

Secondly, you may have found that your doctor’s advice or prescriptions did nothing to help you. In my experience, and I’m sure I speak for many, no doctor was able to get rid of my prostate pains and perineum pains with their recommendations.

Perineum massage is very helpful, but we are all different and it works for some people faster than for others.

After a few months of prostate pains and no solutions, I was becoming fed up of doctors giving me advice and recommendations that didn’t work. Regular perineum massages are highly beneficial, but work much better when hormones are balanced correctly in the body.