Penis Too Thin – How To Increase Girth With Exercises

When your penis is too thin it’s not much fun.

Women admit that they preferextra girth rather than extra length as a thick penis is far more capable of providing a woman with a powerful orgasm than a thin penis.

A thicker penis touches all the sensitive areas of the vaginal wall and stimulates them more rigorously.

If you’d like to satisfy your lady but find that your penis is too thin to give her the pleasure you desire, or even if you’d just like to increase girth with exercises to satisfy your lady more often, then you’ll be relieved to know that it’s possible for you.

Increasing girth naturally is easier than increasing length and you can get results within just one week of exercises with your hands and you penile muscles.

Penile Massage Improves Girth With Exercises

Massaging the base of your penis slowly while erect is a sure way to boost bloodflow to your erection.

Improving bloodflow naturally increases penis girth, and exercises such as massage, orgasm edging and deep breathing are the best ways to increase girth fast.

What will really make sense for you will be reading a full penile size training manual which you should find really interesting for learning how to improve blood circulation by using massage, food and supplements.

Some men manage to improve their length too. Personally, I didn’t really increase my length enough for it to be noticeable. My girth however was boosted significantly, which was what I was pleased about.

Find out how to exercise the penis for improved natural erections and girth

Taking Herbs For Improving Libido Improves Girth

If you feel that your penis is too thin, then it could simply be that you’ve lost some of your desire, blood circulation and that you have low levels of sexual hormones.

Male sexual hormones such as testosterone decline as we age and to maintain strong erections and the ability to make love often, you should be doing everything to boost testosterone.

Herbal libido supplements have helped me to maintain high testosterone levels and good circulation for years now.

As these are naturally occurring herbs, they are generally risk free if purchased from a reliable supplier.

There is also the question of knowing which herbs to take.

But more importantly, you need to know which foods are preventing your erections from staying hard.

I can help you with this free guide on eliminating erection-killer foods

Erection Exercises To Improve Girth

What do we mean by erection exercises with a penis that’s too thin?

Flexing certain muscles in the penile area helps to improve erection quality and can increase your thin penis girth if done regularly and correctly.

Your PC muscle is the one that you use to control your urine and is also instrumental in maintaining erection quality, size and your ability to hold back ejaculation.

Your PC muscle is definitely one that is worth taking care of.

How do you flex the PC muscle?

Try flexing it (the same muscle used to stop yourself urinating) ten times in a row, holding it for 5 seconds each time.

Perform this series of 10 PC muscle flexes 5 times a day, every day.

Your erection quality will greatly improve within a very short time and so will your girth.