Do Herbal Penis Supplements For Enlargement Really Work?

What are herbal penis supplements and do they really work for penile enlargement or is it a myth, an outrageous claim by the advertisers?

Given that I get asked that very question so often, it’s important that I explain how this works. Many men are confused about the mechanisms of how a simple pill, otherwise known as a penis supplement, can actually increase the size of your penis.

Harder Erections For Increased Size

You may have seen a claim on an advertiser’s website, or on the advert itself, that a certain herbal product can enlarge a man’s penis. You may well have wondered how a simple pill can do this.

Can it increase blood circulation, relax the penile ligaments, stretch the penis or make it stronger for some kind of permanent size increase?

Not exactly. In fact, what herbal supplements generally do is improve the quality of your erections.

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Being familiar with most of the ingredients in penis supplements I can confirm that hard, durable erections are indeed possible on a regular basis.

The makers of these herbal products are actually suggesting that your size can be increased while your penis is erect. This does not mean that your penis shape and size are permanently altered. It does mean that your erection size can indeed be bigger than before.

So in a sense, the advertisers of these penis supplements are making a claim that can be substantiated: the size of your erect penis can be improved by taking them, temporarily.

The Best Supplements Reviewed

I am actually fairly cautious about which supplements I take for increasing size. I’m dubious about claims and I research and investigate the list of ingredients of each product that I come across.

You may eventually come to notice that many supplements have a similar array of herbal ingredients, some of which are aphrodisiacs, some increase blood circulation and others are testosterone boosters.

What separates the reliable products from the sketchy is the quality of the supplements. Therefore, here I only review herbal penis supplements that are fully researched and guaranteed.

1. VigRX

VigRX is now a high-selling supplement due to its stringent sourcing and production.


A good choice of ingredients is confirmed by using plants and herbs that address the general causes of weak erections in men, specifically low testosterone, poor circulation and lack of desire caused by low energy, tiredness and stress.

What’s in the box

* Ginseng and Tribulus are excellent for boosting testosterone. Having low levels of testosterone is a major cause of erection problems. These two potent plants are powerful enough to do the job and provide you with powerful, heavy erections.

* Pleasure enhancers such as horny goat weed, the wonder aphrodisiac Catuaba and Muira Pauma are all powerful enough to intensify pleasure and desire.

* The awesome Ginkgo Biloba assures that blood circulation around the penile area is optimal and fluid, leading to improved erections.

What could be better?

Personally, I would have preferred it if they had been able to supply 2 different herbal pills, with different ingredients in each one.

For example, using testosterone boosters on Wednesdays and pleasure enhancers on Thursdays appeals to me and keeps your body reacting differently each day. I have always believed that variety is the spice of life.

Where To Get VigRX

The best place to find this penis supplement is over on their official website.

Head to the VigRX official website

2. Virility EX

Virility EX is another herbal product that many men are using to improve erection quality naturally.

But does it really work and can it help to increase erection size? It can certainly help to give you bigger erections than you may have without it.


This herbal penis supplement still delivers in terms of boosting testosterone and enhancing sexual desire. The difference is that it also contains herbs that are nutritionally beneficial.

Virility EX is ideal for men feeling worn down, tired, stressed and low on energy. Combining optimal vitamins for male libido with some testosterone-boosting herbs and aphrodisiacs is a wise move.

What’s in the box

There are plenty of beneficial ingredients. The most prominent are the following:

* L-Arginine is the ultimate nitric oxide booster. If blood circulation could be the reason behind your weak erections, L’Arginine is a reliable and trusted herb for improving it.

*Maca – full of energy-boosting nutrition, maca helps to increase your energy and reduce stress in both men and women. If you’re overworked and haven’t been sleeping well, maca can help you.

*Tribulus and ginseng: these effective testosterone boosters help you feel more manly and virile, not to mention that they improve erection qualitY.

*Catuaba and Muira Pauma ensure that desire and sensitivity are enhanced. Your penis should feel ready for action, and your orgasms should feel intense. Your refractory period can also be decreased.

*Cayenne helps to boost blood circulation and blast away any small plaques that may have formed in your blood vessels.

What could be better?

This herbal supplements covers all the bases and is even shipped to most parts of the world, in case you are ordering from Europe, Asia or elsewhere.

I would have liked to have seen Ginkgo Biloba in there too, but we can’t always have everything!

Where To Get VirilityEX

The best place to get orders to be shipped fast to whereever you may be is from the offical order website.

At the moment, you even get free bonus gifts on improving your lovemaking techniques.

Head over to the Virility EX official website

3. Male Extra

Another penis supplement that has recently come to my attention is Male Extra.


I’m interested in reviewing Male Extra for boosting erection power and size due to the presence of the particularly potent ingredients.

I also thought it would be interesting to recommend this product because it is delivered with a free book on how to increase your penis size using exercises combined with supplements. As far as I can see, none of the others do this.

What’s in the box

*Tongkat Ali is my personal favorite for increasing testosterone levels and getting them to hit the roof. I take Tongkat Ali before working out in the mornings. A good workout further boosts my T and I feel energetic and virile all day.

Come the evening, you’ll feel horny and your erections should be very hard. Your penis should feel heavier.

*Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine ensure that your blood circulation is optimal, fluid and optimised for potential erection size increases.

*Maca and zinc are the nutritionally beneficial herbs of Male Extra. Maca ensures that your energy is increased and that you have sufficient levels of vitamins for a high libido and zinc is the best for increasing your sperm.

Male Extra is the best of the penis supplements for improving semen quality.

What could be better?

The ingredients are simple, adapted to boosting your libido and increasing your hardness. I cannot think of improvements that need to be made.

The fact that Male Extra is delivered with a free guide on how to increase penis size using exercises is a most satisfying bonus.

Where To Get Male Extra

If you go via the below link, you’ll be entitled to the free bonus guide on improving penis size.

Jump to the Male Extra official website

What If You Want Size Increases Without Supplements?

Increasing size using penis supplements does help, but how does it work?

The basic theories are simple. Penile size is increased by combining penis exercises (penis workouts) with massage or ballooning techniques that improve blood circulation.

You’ll improve your penile muscles, erection hardness and see increases in girth and length from regular, focused exercise.