Penile Massage – How To Increase Penis Girth Naturally

Using penile massage to increase penile size (notably girth) is an intelligent natural method of boosting libido and improving erection quality.

Fake size increasing pills

Forget the fake offers which promise to boost your penis size by taking pills.

Some of these pills can improve your erection and maximize the size of your penis, but making it actually physically bigger using only pills is just not possible. Some of these commercials are lying to you.

Only penile massage really works

Effective massage of your penis, done the correct way, can help you gain some extra girth and a small amount of length.

While your penis is very unlikely to grow much in length, gaining around 10-15% in girth is entirely possible and is actually quite straightforward for you to do using this penile massage technique which I will explain.

The Benefits Of Increasing Girth

Massaging your penis in order to increase girth can get you results in just one week. After a few weeks of practising, your penis should be thicker, more solid and your erections will feel heavier and more powerful.

The blood circulation in your penile area is essential to erection health, which is why massage benefits your sex life by stimulating and increasing circulation just where you need it.

Women prefer extra girth

Did you ever hear the phrase:

“Long and thin goes too far in. Short and thick does the trick”.

A great benefit of having extra girth is that women are far more satisfied by decent girth than by length.

Length is important of course, but for an average man who has a choice between extending length or increasing girth, girth should be the priority.

How To Increase Girth Using Penile Massage

It’s better to be alone to perform massage on yourself.

You can choose to do this with your partner, but your partner may not always be interested in waiting for you to massage your penile area each time you take a pause.

Whether you choose to do this during sex or masturbation is your choice.

You need to massage concentrating mainly on areas around the base of your penis.

First of all, when you’re erect, massage gently with your fingers, kneading around the area behind your balls. Massage the blood in the direction of your penis, keeping in mind that your goal is to improve blood circulation.

Gradually move the hand massage closer to the base of your penis over the next 2 minutes. Massage inside your balls at the base.

Move gradually to the base of your penis again, this time approaching the base itself. The massage the lower quarter of your shaft, slowly massaging towards the head, but never reach more than half of the way up.

Massage the sides, the underside and the top gently, with strokes always towards the penis head.

Each penile massage should take 3-4 minutes and you should feel the circulation in your genital area improving after only a minute or two.

Repeat the massage

To fully benefit, you’ll need to repeat the massage using exactly the same techniques 4 or 5 times during each session, each massage lasting 3-4 minutes.

Try to stay erect for 30 minutes when masturbating if you can. The optimal time for each massage is right when you are about to ejaculate and you stop yourself at the last moment.

Stop yourself from ejaculating several times, and each time, perform a 3-4 minute massage on yourself.

If you manage to do this at least 3 times a week you’ll definitely feel the benefits of improved erection quality and strength, erections that last for longer and increased girth.

However, you do need to have optimal testosterone levels freely circulating in your body. Without that, increasing girth will be difficult.

I describe exactly how to boost erection quality and frequency naturally in a 10 step program.