Blood Thinner Medication And Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve been taking medication for high blood pressure. Does blood thinner medication cause erectile dysfunction in men?


The above question in various forms is sent to us at least twice a month.

Blood-thinner medication has in fact a major relation with erectile dysfunction for quite some time.

However, due to impotence still remaining a slightly taboo subject among men and aggressive denials from the manufacturers of the meds, it can often be difficult to link the two together.

Before you make the assumption that your blood thinner meds are causing your ED, you should know the following…

Unfortunately, there a number of other potential issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

This makes it extremely difficult for doctors to identify blood-thinners as the main cause of erectile dysfunction in each case, especially when other factors are at play, and especially when considering that poor health is a common driving requirement behind the need for blood thinning medication in the first place.

Luckily through patience and a willingness to get past the stigma, those suffering from impotence can usually reverse it naturally through a combination of improved diet, increased physical activity and reduce or remove the need for taking medication! This is the good news.

Let’s see the causes of your ED, check the following factors:

Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction (Apart From Blood Thinner Meds)

There are a number of physiological issues which could affect a male’s ability to maintain a viable erection.

Acute, moderate, and chronic health problems could result in varying degrees of impotence.

Also, side effects from a number of medications and drugs could result in erectile dysfunction as well.

In these cases, one of the following is typically the origin of dysfunction: impairment of blood circulation to the penis, nerve/neurological damage, and decreased hormone production or transportation.

Several of the most common specific causes below:

Hypertension And ED

Better known as high blood pressure, it prevents arteries around the penis from performing their normal functions.

This condition prevents the needed blood from flowing into the penis to create an erection. Medication taken from those who suffer from high blood pressure contributes to erectile dysfunction (more on this later).

Atherosclerosis Causes ED

Atherosclerosis is a condition which causes the arteries to fur up and therefore constricts, limiting the amount of blood that is able to pass through the artery at any given time. Since arterial blood flow plays a huge role in gaining and maintaining an erection, it’s logical that Atherosclerosis and impotence are often directly related.

High Cholesterol Can Weaken Erections

Much like Atherosclerosis, high cholesterol can have a negative relationship when it comes to sexual health.

Men with high cholesterol may have damage to their arteries and other essential factors that are essential to an erection.

Hormonal Imbalance (Low Testosterone)

If the natural production or balance of hormones in a man’s body is interrupted or tampered with by a medical condition, certain drugs, then impotence can be a direct result.

Also, low levels of testosterone (Low T) can be caused by a number of pathological circumstances including dealing with excess amounts of stress, hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, can lead to an impaired ability to maintain an erection.

Low testosterone can also lead to the diminishing or inhibiting of the release of nitric oxide to the penis. This results in tense muscles, making it nearly impossible for the blood needed to create an erection to enter the penal shaft.

And guess what? Low T can also be a result of taking medication.

Drug Or Alcohol-Induced ED

Consuming one of a plethora of different drugs or medications can result in impotence. The most commonly linked drugs to erectile dysfunction are alcohol and nicotine.

Excessive drinking and long-term alcohol consumption can result in damage to the nervous system and extreme hormone imbalance.

Excessive smoking (nicotine consumption) contributes to arterial narrowing which also can lead to partial or full erectile dysfunction.

Numerous prescription medications can also directly result in difficulties to maintain an erection.

In fact, there are more than 200 prescription drugs which have been linked to impotence to a varying degree (directly linked to blood-thinning medication and erectile dysfunction)!

Blood Thinner And Erectile Dysfunction

Evidence exists that suggest blood-thinners to only lessen the libido in men and women, but also reduce the blood flow to the penis, making it more difficult to achieve an erection.

Medication which thins the blood are often prescribed by doctors and there is enough empirical evidence to show that there is a strong relationship to blood thinner and impotence.

A number of drug companies have released counterfactual information attempting to refute the relationship between blood thinner as a cause for erectile dysfunction, luckily their efforts have not worked for the most part.

The relationship between blood thinner and varying degrees of erectile dysfunction has been well established.

Obesity And ED

Studies have identified being overweight as a very common and as yet, less acknowledged cause of ED.

Other causes of ED (click below to find out more):

– Lower back problems and ED

– Hemorrhoids and ED

– Anxiety and ED

Diabetes and ED (including meds)

How To Reverse The Effects And Get Better Erections Naturally

It’s important to consult a doctor before taking any additional supplements if on blood-thinners, yet it should be safe to use a number of supplements which could help improve sexual performance.

  1. Lose Weight

Being overweight and

  1. Consume more fresh foods that help erections and testosterone

Supplements and foods that help with nitric oxide, are beet, garlic, watermelon (citrulline).

Foods that help with testosterone are grass fed meat, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, bok choi).

But most of all, eliminating the harmful, toxic processed foods from your diet is what will help you see the best improvements.

Remove the following and feel the change almost immediately:

– Sugary soda drinks

– Chips

– Desserts

– Deep fried foods

– Sauces and condiments with additives and vegetable oils

Want some encouragement?

One study showed that eating 4 cloves of garlic a day increased testosterone and improved erections in men.

  1. Kegel Exercises

Easy to overlook in a doctor’s office and yet easy to do for you and best of all, free. Do your kegel or PC exercises when driving, working, watching TV or anytime you like!

  1. Physical exercise

If you don’t like exercise, then ask yourself this: what do you dislike most, exercise or the shame, embarrassment and downright humiliation of ED?

Studies show that some short, intense exercise sessions are the most effective for weight reduction and increasing testosterone and blood flow.

Any man can do these from his own basement.

Don’t make excuses, get out your skipping rope.

Blood Thinners And ED: Conclusion

So you know about how meds cause ED, but you’re also aware of other causes of ED, some of which cause the actual need for blood thinners in the first place.

Our advice? Use the highly effective and proven natural techniques above to reduce your need for blood thinning meds and boost your erectile strength as a result.

Beet Juice For Nitric Oxide And Better Erectile Strength

You may have heard of beet juice for nitric oxide and getting better erections. And there is evidence to back that up. However, before we get to that, be aware that there a number of supplements for nitric oxide on the market which promises men they will turn their sex lives around in a matter of weeks with continuous use.

Some of these supplements work and others are complete duds, with little in the way of active ingredients.

While scientists continue the debate over which supplements can help increase a man’s libido (sex drive); help increases the length and girth of his penis and increase his sexual stamina – there are several naturally occurring chemicals which can help most men who suffer from sexual dysmorphia.

One of those is nitric oxide; taking beet juice every day can increase this one, as we will show you below.

For those who remain skeptical about using supplementation and foods for improving erections: there are a number of natural ways that the body can help produce chemicals which can help men reinvigorate their sex lives.

While this may seem surprising to some and may raise understandable disbelief; drinking beet juice can help produce nitric oxide in men. You may have heard of nitric oxide as one of the essential elements in the fitness community. But it also helps men in the bedroom as well due to the increased blood flow in and around the penile area.

What Is Nitric Oxide And How Does It Help Blood Flow?

Nitric oxide is a molecule which our body produces to help the trillions of cells within the body to communicate with one another. It has a number of key issues when it comes to cellular activities:

  • Help transmit information between the nerves cells and the brain, helping to increase memory.
  • Assists the immune system in fighting off disease
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Aids in improving sleep quality
  • Helps increase endurance and strength 

Also, it’s made by endothelium, which makes up of the lining of blood vessels. When endothelium recognizes physical activity by the body; especially heart healthy activities and low cholesterol the body releases more nitric oxide.

This is a great activity for the body as nitric oxide aids in expanding the blood vessels, increases blood flow, and helps decrease the amount of plaque and blood clotting in the body.

How Nitric Oxide Helps A Man With Sexual Performance And Erectile Strength

Several popular male enhancement medications may have an effect on erectile performance and hardness due to the awakening of the nitric oxide pathway. One of the main causes of impotence is unhealthy and aged arteries which no longer pass blood to sexual organs in an effective manner.

These popular medications by influencing enzymes in the nitric oxide pathway; which create a plethora of reactions which help it flow and create better and more vigorous erections.

Nitric oxide helps men who are suffering from low testosterone in low or moderate levels; helping men in their 20s to those in their 50s and 60s.

Testosterone levels begin declining once men turn 30 and continue to do so on a yearly basis. Younger men may suffer from low testosterone due to poor diets, overdose of porn movies and a lack of exercise and general physical activity.

Adding beet juice on a daily basis or promoting the natural production of nitric oxide in the body; can help men overcome low testosterone at any age no matter the origin of their low testosterone.

Nitric oxide is an important chemical in helping promote the vasodilatation of blood vessels; also it is one of the key factors in erectile function.

So, how does beet juice help produce nitric oxide and help men perform better in bed? It’s actually a quite simple process which we show you below.

How Beet Juice Helps Promote The Creation of Nitric Oxide

Beetroot juice is one of the unknown superfoods that most individuals have not considered to be extremely beneficial to their health.

However, beet juice has a number of other health benefits including possible aid in boosting stamina. In order to allow for longer exercise periods, improved blood circulation, and can also help lower blood pressure.

Beets help promote the creation of this oxide due to being rich in chemicals called nitrates. Through naturally recurring reactions the body transforms nitrates into nitric oxide, increasing blood flow to all parts of the body.

An estimated two cups a day are all that is needed to stimulate this process in order to begin seeing changes within several weeks. The process can be aided further by using nitric-oxide or nitrate capsules; which will add further nitric oxide to the body.

The powerful nitrates found within beet juice make beetroot a powerful superfood; especially for those looking to increase the effectiveness of their workout and bring back the fire to their sex lives. Beet juice is a great way to naturally stimulate nitric oxide within the body and increase men’s performance in the bedroom.

The Causes Effects and How To Treat ED In Young Men

Before diving into the cause erectile dysfunction (ED) in young men (under the age of 40), it’s important to understand what causes erectile dysfunction in general. Despite popular belief, a lot more goes into achieving an erection than it may seem.

Achieving an erection begins when nerves fire in the brain after a male is turned on, this leads to increased blood flow to the penis, and if the process is successful the male is ready for sexual activity.

Unfortunately, problems can arise which leads to erectile dysfunction. At times, physical factors are the culprit and on other occasions, mental stumbling blocks can lead to ED.  High levels of anxiety, depression, and stress are common factors which cause erectile dysfunction.

An Interesting Study

A 2013 study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that erectile dysfunction is prevalent in younger men than previously thought. Their in-depth study found that 26 percent of adult men under the age of 30 suffered from ED. Unfortunately, the study also concluded that nearly half of these young men had severe erectile dysfunction.

If the study is correct the rate of ED found in younger men is comparable to that found in older men (older than 40), however, the causes of erectile problems in the two age groups may differ. The Journal of Sexual Medicine study found that younger ED patients were more likely than their older counterparts to smoke or experiment with illegal drugs.

What Causes ED In Young Men?

Younger men should look into their lifestyle habits or the state of their life as being possible causes of their erectile dysfunction. The problem could relate to extreme fatigue (sleeping for at least six hours per night is important to your sexual health), stress and relationship issues could all lead to erectile issues.

As mentioned earlier, excessive smoking and drug use may lead to ED issues. Those who drink excessively may also see symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Poor penis function can also be a sign of other problems which result in ED. Hormone disorders such as hypogonadism result in the male body producing extremely low levels of testosterone.

Other physical factors are obesity as studies have shown men with excessive body fat suffer from erectile dysfunction more often than muscular men or those of average size.

ED can also be a sign of diabetes; high levels of blood glucose can damage the blood vessels responsible for supplying the penis with enough blood to achieve an erection.

How Young Men Can Get Help

Consulting a doctor is an option for young men who suffer from extreme erectile dysfunction. For less severe ED problems taking sexual enhancement supplements may provide an adequate solution to the problem. In some case, erectile dysfunction can be cured by changing lifestyle habits. Increasing exercise, reducing smoking, drinking, and consuming high sugar foods may reverse the symptoms of ED.

Vitamins Which Help Increase Testosterone


An ongoing debate exists within the medical, science, and supplemental fields surrounding how to help men who suffer from lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone is an important hormone as it helps men build and maintain muscles, maintain the strength of bones, and is responsible for a man’s sex drive.

Lower levels of testosterone can also lead to erectile dysfunction in combination with a lower sex drive.

What Can Cause Testosterone Levels To Drop

While some in the medical field feel rebuilding testosterone levels can only be achieved through natural means such as:

  • Getting Enough Sleep (7 to 8 hours on a nightly basis)
  • Increasing Exercise (At least 10 to 20 minutes of brisk walking per day, obesity is linked to low testosterone levels)
  • Controlling Stress (Work fewer than 10 hours daily)
  • Reviewing Medications (Fentanyl, MS Contin, OxyContin, and Prednisone have been linked to lower testosterone levels)

Low testosterone can be caused through means which result in long term damage which the appropriate vitamins and supplementation can help mitigate. Some of these causes are:

  • Injuries to the testicles
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Infection
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • HIV/Aids

When facing these issues an added boost to the system can help maintain and even raise testosterone levels back to a level which reverses erectile dysfunction and increases sex drive.

These Supplements And Vitamins Help Raise Testosterone

A number of supplement companies market their products by making claims without investing into the proper testing of their ingredients and go as far to hire individuals to write fake reviews praising their product.

These products simply do not contain enough of a vitamin to make a difference or lie about the ingredient being present altogether. The following list of herbs and vitamins are linked to increasing testosterone:

Vitamin D

While not as powerful of a testosterone boost as Vitamin D, B-12 plays a role in a number of chemical reactions in the body and has been shown to have a slight effect on testosterone levels.

Vitamin B-12

While not as powerful of a testosterone boost as Vitamin D, B-12 plays a role in a number of chemical reactions in the body and has been shown to have a slight effect on testosterone levels.

Mucuna Puriens

The herb contains L-Dopa which helps reduce prolactin found in the body; when then body contains excessive amounts of prolactin it can result in reduced sexual desire. L-Dopa also promotes the production of healthy testosterone that helps fight erectile dysfunction. Mucuna Puriens can be found in numerous supplement products which help increase male sexual performance.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid (D-aspartate) is an amino acid which helps promote the release of luteinizing, a hormone which boosts testosterone production. D-aspartate can raise testosterone levels in as little as a week with consecutive dosage.

Will These Vitamins Actually Work?

Absolutely, numerous reputable supplement companies contain these vitamins and herbs. The key is to make sure to not purchase products from a shady company and continue to live a healthy lifestyle as well.


Mucuna Puriens The Secret To Enhanced Sexual Performance


What exactly is this Mucuna Pruriens ingredient and why is it often featured in supplements which promise an uptick of sexual performance in men?  It is a tropical vine whose seeds produce nearly all of the medical benefits discussed throughout the article.

It is also known as cowhage, velvet bean, among other names and contains the neurotransmitter pre-cursor L-Dopa and helps encourage the production of dopamine. Mucuna Pruriens also has been found to help improve moods and the libido with a number of other health benefits.

How L-Dopa Effects Testosterone Levels

Scientific studies ran by the Environmental Health Science Laboratory of Sumitomo Chemical Co in Osaka, Japan showed long-term doses of L-Dopa in male rats helped release the luteinizing hormone.  Why is that important? This release of hormones was then found to be a precursor to the increased production of testosterone.

L-Dopa also reduces excessive prolactin in the body which can diminish sexual desire. Along with the increased testosterone production, this has been found to increase the sexual desire in both men and women.

The L-Dopa found in Mucuna Puriens also helps significantly reduce the refractory period after sex if the herb is digested several hours before the encounter. Meaning they are more likely to be ready for a second round of intimacy.

Dopamine is an essential ingredient in a functional and healthy brain. Without enough Dopamine, muscles can be tense and tremble, both are key factors in sexual health. The human brain is perhaps the most important sex organ and if your body is not in a relaxed state it is far more difficult to perform sexually.

Can Mucuna Pruriens Really Help Enlarge The Penis?

The Dopamine production process which is initiated by consuming Mucuna Pruriens has several key benefits. Not only does it enhance one’s sex drive, lessen the refractory period in men, it also triggers the production of growth hormone.

Broken down this means that the enhanced libido can increase the blood flow to the penis to allow the organ to take on an increased amount of nutrients. This process is called hyper-engorging and can result in natural penis growth.

The added growth hormones flowing may help the penis grow naturally as well and will have an additional effect when a penis enlargement regimen is undergone by an individual. Of course, the exact increases will vary depending on the individual, their diet, and a number of other factors.

Is Mucuna Pruriens Really This Beneficial?

Yes! This is an effective ingredient that is used in a number of male sex enhancement supplements. The science is strong behind the effects it has on the libido in men and women.

While the science behind the penile enlargement aspects of Mucuna Pruriens is not as strong, there have been reports of supplements containing the herb helping men increase the size of their penis.

Mucuna Pruriens is recommended and has numerous other health benefits as well!

Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Low Testosterone 

Recent studies have shown that men who are sleeping less than six hours are at a higher risk of having lower levels of naturally occurring testosterone. In fact, sleep deprivation can lower testosterone levels by as much as 15 percent in men.

A study performed between 2003-2009 showed that participants who only slept for five hours per night during the week commonly showed between 10-15 percent loss of testosterone. In comparison men sleeping normal hours only showed between 1-2 percent loss, which is attributed to the normal aging process.

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High Blood Pressure And The Effect On Erectile Dysfunction

In most cases, the onset of high blood pressure will come without any signs or symptoms, yet high blood pressure has been linked to men who are having problems within their sex life. Men are also more likely to be dissatisfied with sex if they are dealing with high blood pressure.

Luckily, with several lifestyle changes, men can begin lowering their blood pressure back to a normal rate. Also, supplemental treatments exist which can also lower the onset of high blood pressure.

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Causes of penis shrinkage and solutions

Penis shrinkage is one of the most hidden concern´s causes for men because, they use to link their masculinity, personality, and self esteem to their penis size. This situation is something relatively common, when men get older, is part of the process, but there are another causes that maybe you ignore. Here we will analyze the penis shrinkage causes and we will give you several possible solutions to avoid it or to revert this situation.

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Too much porn and erection problems

Most of  guys begin their sexual life stimulating themselves by watching porn, as we should know, guys are visual, so they need to excite their senses watching, but did you know that porn could cause, in a long term, erection problems? Join me to learn all the aspects that are linked to watching porn and how it affects your sexual drive and your sexual development.

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Make homemade Viagra with a juicer

Reached certain age, most men, begin having problems with their sexual drive, libido level or simply, desire. When this kind of situation knocks their doors, they became concerned, because they want to have same sex drive that they had when they were on their 20´s. Lately, with the Viagra invention, all guys wants to use this method, but did you know that you can resolve it at your kitchen with fruits and vegetables? Please, join me to discover how easily you could find a reply without chemicals or medications.

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