Alcohol Impotence – A Guide to Improving Libido Health

Alcohol impotence is a known long term effect that heavy drinkers, alcoholics and long term drug takers suffer from.

Alcohol abuse over a period of time actually damages the central nervous system. As well as weakening the immune system, damaging the liver and kidneys, as well as negatively impacting recall and memory functions, heavy drinkers can eventually suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol consumption in moderation is widely considered to be acceptable and in small quantities, some health experts even consider it to be beneficial.

Fortunately, you can recover from alcohol impotence by detoxing and using completely natural techniques.

The extent to which you succeed in increasing your libido following alcohol abuse is dependent on the damage you’ve done. Full libido recovery using only herbal and natural methods is possible.

Beating Alcohol Impotence

For some men, the immediate reaction to having erection problems is to book an appointment with the doctor and have some erection pills prescribed.

Considering the impact that heavy alcohol consumption can have on your whole body, it’s surprising that people think a little blue pill will fix everything.

Recovering from alcohol impotence is not achieved by swallowing a magic bullet of a pill.

Once the effects of the pills wear off, a couple of hours later, you’ll become an impotent man once more. Your erection will be gone with the wind.

Nothing is solved whatsoever.

And who knows what the side effects of these drugs are?

Do you really want to depend on your pills for making love? Every single time?

Natural herbal stimulators

The good news is that your libido can recover to some extent, and maybe completely, even after extensive long term alcohol consumption.

Natural methods can restore your body to balanced functionality and once your sexual desire returns, you probably won’t even need to take herbal supplements anymore.

Furthermore, herbal supplements don’t necessarily need to be taken at a certain time. For many people, taking them once per day, in the morning, is sufficient.

Starting out with a powerful libido booster such as the supplements recommended in my free guide is a fast track way to erection recovery.

You’ll need to pay attention to the food that you eat and to drink lots of water too.

Improving Libido

Alcohol consumption in large quantities causes huge drops in testosterone.

Free testosterone levels plummet following a heavy drinking session.

Furthermore, damage to the internal body organs (kidney, liver) is caused by prolonged alcohol abuse due to the fact that it depletes vitamin B in the body.

Optimal levels of hormones such as testosterone cannot be recovered by the body when internal organs are functioning poorly.

In fact, many long term drinkers develop soft bodies and sometimes even breasts due to low levels of free testosterone and high levels of estrogen.

This is what causes a low sex drive. Taking pharmaceuticals generally doesn’t address the issue of low levels of testosterone in your body.

Natural solutions

First of all, if you like a drink, then give up.

You’ll need look at some herbal supplements that both detox your liver and increase testosterone, together with a strictly improved diet and intense exercise to increase your sex drive at a faster rate.

Believe me, it’s all worth it when you feel your libido coming alive naturally once more.

Excellent and natural products that work are recommended in the Male Libido Booster Program where you’ll learn highly effective techniques for boosting testosterone levels, getting firm solid erections that last and increasing desire naturally.

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Detox Your Liver

Considering the damage you can do to yourself during the years of alcohol abuse, you shouldn’t expect your body to recover fast on its own.

The good news is that your liver can regenerate and repair itself. And if you give it all the help it needs, you can find your libido returning faster too.

You can recover your hormonal balance faster and return to a healthier condition in less time by detoxing your liver with natural solutions.

One such example is milk thistle extract, another is artichoke extract.

Both can help enormously in detoxifying your liver naturally. And as your liver is a central organ essential to your health and well being, your libido can improve as a result of decongesting and cleaning your liver.

For more information, my guide to detoxing the liver can help.

Exercise To Improve Libido

Fitter, healthier men who work out more regularly benefit from higher levels of testosterone and generally increased sexual desire and a higher frequency of sexual activity.

Intense, strong workouts coupled with increasing muscle mass, the resulting improved blood circulation and higher levels of endorphins can be very beneficial to increasing the male sex drive.

There are certain workouts that are more beneficial than others.

To see which ones help you fast, see how to improve libido with exercise.

Detox Diet

Recovery from alcohol impotence can be accelerated by adopting an excellent diet, optimized for your recovery.

Such a diet can help you to expel toxins at a faster rate, allowing your body to repair itself from years of alcohol abuse and damage.

Having the correct kind of diet can also have many other benefits, such as increasing mental clarity, energy and enhanced concentration.

The Male Libido Booster Program teaches you how to detox faster for improved performance.

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