Night Erections – Low Testosterone

Knowing the reasons why you should or shouldn’t be having night erections is very helpful.

Regular nocturnal or morning erections mean that your libido is healthy, normal and that your testosterone levels are optimal.

Are nocturnal erections a cause for concern?

Nocturnal erections are no cause for concern whatsoever.

In fact, you should be happy and reassured if you find you get several erections per night.

This means that your libido is in excellent health.

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As a teenager, it’s very common to have this happen. It can be a little confusing to begin with, but believe me it’s perfectly normal and is a good sign.

What if I never get night erections?

If you never get any erections at night, then you may have low testosterone levels.

If you have had a poor diet at times, used drugs, smoked too much, drunk plenty of alcohol or if you masturbated too often at a time in your life, then your testosterone levels may be too low.

Low levels of testosterone mean that you’ll get very few erections during night time.

It also means you have a low libido, possible weak erections during sex and should do something about it.

How to boost testosterone and sex drive

There are many ways to boost testosterone and maintain a high libido.

Notably, if you need to increase sex drive fast and with optimal results, starting with natural supplements or herbal libido is the most effective.

You’ll also need to improve your diet and optimize your exercise regime for increasing testosterone levels.

All of this is possible and will see your nocturnal erections return within just a few weeks or within a few months depending on the causes of your low libido.

Read the below articles to find out how to cure erection problems and to get the return of healthy and natural nocturnal erections again.