Natural Penis Enlarger – The Free Methods

Why would anyone be looking for a natural penis enlarger? Could it be because a longer and wider penis is a symbol of virility, pride and can provide more intense sexual pleasure to a female?

In recent years, since it became public knowledge that enlargening the penis was possible, many men have begun to wake up to the possibilities and the advantages of increasing their penis size.

Even men who are satisfied with their size as well as those who have below average members are learning the techniques.

There’s nothing wrong with using some natural penis enlarger techniques to improve the size of your manhood. In fact, it can be quite fun and can improve other aspects of your life too.

So how can you increase penis length and girth safely and naturally?

Combining Several Natural Methods

Let’s start by saying that you can enlarge your penis using free methods and that you can gain improvements in far less time using other methods.

Does it really work? What I can say is that using natural methods and techniques (with your hands) definitely can increase your size, or some aspect of your size.

Generally the most effective penis exercises consist of:

1. Jelqing 4 times per week

2. Penile lifting

3. Penile massage

4. Kegel exercises

Some men will have more success in increasing their length, others will be able to improve girth or width in less time. Yet more men will succeeed in increasing both length and girth.

Don’t expect drastic improvements in penis size by using natural methods. You should feel happy if just 10% extra gains in size are achieved.

How It Works

What happens is that part of the penis is actually on the inside of your body, and the visual part of it is on the outside.

Men have been able to “coax” their penis to extend itself further from the body with no apparent harm. Obviously, this takes some time and knowledge of stretching and penis-strengthening. The results are satisfying however.

Men need to be sure that their erections are hard enough. Failure to achieve full erections is likely to result in very slow progress in penis enlargement.

Regular work to improve penis blood circulation is required in order to expand blood capillaries and increase the size of the chambers inside the penis.

This is done by using penile massage to engorge the penis with more blood and to soak in the hormone-enriched blood regularly.

Natural Penis Enlarger – Get Harder Erections

Hard erections are essential for any increase in size to take place. What if yours aren’t fully hard?

I was suffering from weak erections 2 years ago, and as a result was looking for a solution that helped me reach 2 different objectives to improve my sexual performance:

1. Increased penis girth and length

2. Harder erections with naturally improved circulation

I decided to opt for using a few different supplements as this is a more effective way of boosting penile hardness..

Good supplements combine testosterone boosters with pleasure and energy enhancers. You don’t have to take one every day, but if you intend to perform penis workouts with the exercise guide that is provided, then it’s worth it.

Take supplements and use the penis exercise guide together and size gains should be achieved in less time.

Fast Track Natural Penis Enlarger Solutions

There is plenty of information on my site about how to increase penis size naturally.

Increasing girth is easier than improving length in my experience and this is positive as I consider girth to be more important than length for giving pleasure.

For a fast track penile workout further reading, full plan and guaranteed results, I can recommend that you check out a full enlargement program where you’ll find out about the mechanisms of natural penis enlargers and how to augment your size without dangerous pills or pumps.