Natural ED Remedies For Men Of Any Age

Natural ED remedies that really work are far preferable to taking pills prescribed by the doctor or the urologist for a number of reasons.

I’ll reveal some of the most effective remedies for resolving erection problems in just a minute. Before that, I’d like to talk about why the natural approach is better than prescription pills.

Advantages Of ED Remedies Over Pills

1. Safer

Taking prescription pills to resolve erection problems might be “the norm” in many regions but it doesn’t come without big risks.

Reports from Charing Cross, Stoke Mandeville and Royal Marsden Hospitals in the UK show that men taking pills have become deaf, have vision problems and some experience heart palpitations.

ED remedies on the other hand, centre on natural products that come from plants and food and involve no harmful chemicals.

2. Avoiding Dependency

Remedies do not encourage you to become dependent on them. In fact, by seamlessly integrating habits that are based on natural elements into your life, you can achieve a permanent state of high libido and regular, lasting erections.

The contrast to having to take pills to treat ED couldn’t be more obvious. Men who need pills to get hard need to plan ahead, which removes any spontaneity and creates a state of dependence.

3. Improve General Health Levels

Very often, natural ED remedies involve techniques that improve other aspects of health too. Cardiovascular health improves, blood circulation becomes more efficient, bad cholesterol levels are reduced and depression can be warded off by using relatively easy natural methods. Why would you forsake all of the above?

The Best Remedies For Erection Problems

What is important is to understand is that erection problems are often a symptom of other health conditions. A common mistake is thinking that ED is a isolated issue – it is not.

When a man starts to lose his erection, it’s the sign that several different conditions need to be addressed at the same time.

Side effects from medication, low testosterone, poor cardiovascular performance, inefficient blood circulation and long term damage from alcohol, diet and recreational drugs may also have contributed to diminish erection quality.

Therefore, when considering natural methods for restoring erection quality, it makes sense to bear in mind the fact that you need to be combining several natural methods in order to be sure to blast the causes of ED away.

1. Short, Sharp Exercise

You may or may not have the self-discipline to exercise but to resolve your ED problems naturally, exercise is essential.

Fortunately, we are not talking about long, painful runs that leave you aching, tired and devoid of muscle. The type of training that boosts male libido is done in short spurts.

It actually takes less time, is more effective for increasing testosterone and muscle and has a pleasant added side effect of improving sexual desire and erection quality.

You should know that studies have proven links between obesity and ED and that even men with a “beer belly” have a higher risk of experiencing partial or total impotence.

2. Supplements

Despite many claims to the contrary, supplements alone cannot always instantly improve your erections. In fact, you should see natural herbal pills as a catalyst for boosting libido.

Choosing the right variety of natural herbs to cause your body to react positively can be beneficial to naturally stimulate testosterone levels, optimize nitric oxide production and improve blood flow for harder erections.

3. Choosing Your Menu

Your first priority needs to be to eliminate the offending libido-killing foods.

Once you have managed to successfully eradicate 90% of your weekly consumption of these chemically-laden erection-destroying “non-foods”, then you can be sure that a good deal of your work is already done!

After that, concentrating on eating more real foods such as eggs, avocados, fish and a variety of cruciferous vegetables is excellent for providing your body with all the natural fuel it needs to maintain optimal sexual health.


By combining the above 3 techniques, most men should start to see improvements in the hardness and duration of erections.

Others, and notably those who have had erection problems for longer periods of time, may need some additional help in fully restoring their erectile function.

What can happen over time is that blood vessels that circulate less frequently in the penile area may have contracted and become less effective.

Another reason why long-term ED sufferers might find it difficult is that the muscles that hold the blood inside the penis during an erection may have lost some of their strength.

This is when using techniques to trick the body into producing higher levels of testosterone together with effective erection exercise techniques can help to fully restore natural erections in a man.