Natural Alternatives To Pharmaceutical Erection Pills

Natural ED treatmentsThe following is an email from a man concerned about the onset of erectile dysfunction and searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical erection pills, starting to experience weak erections and side effects from risky prescription drugs for ED, such as those named below.


Good morning Jon,

Thank you for this mail, it give a sense of concern. Yes i downloaded the ebook and read it and i understand the food that is and the food that in not beneficial to me.

I am just a simple man and i eat what is in the table that my wife prepares, i also go to gym sometimes when work is not much and i have the drive for the day. I`m 53 and i dont want to feel old enough though its the fact.

My problem is that, when i reach my late forties i notice that my erection is dropping as well as my semen, i try to consult a doctor and just prescribes me cialis and viagra.

At first i enjoy it  because i really have a rock hard penis but i don`t want the after effect of it, my eyes is like popping out and head ache. I also try one type of sex pills i can buy in iranian shop it say its herbal and have a good effect in my errection as well, the bottom line is these are all artificial and costly for me, my erection is not as normal as i was until my late 30’s.

What i want is a normal erection, though a time i am arroused with my wife but i notice my penis is not responding quickly unlike when we were younger i mean from 27 to 35 even only toughing her make me hard so quick.

Is there a chance to have the same reaction at my age? By the way i was thinking this might be the result of my teenage lifestyle, i masturbated everyday and it was normal to me to have 2 to 4 times masturbation because i really enjoyed it.

Every time i watch movies i masturbate , every time i take a bath, i masturbate, when i go to bed i masturbate, when i have an affair with anyone i allow them to suck me and i enjoy it. Now I am older and i feel that all my semen has been drained because of my wrong life style. I also fail my wife sometime, because in the middle of our intercourse my penis drop soft, although i want it i could not do anything at all and my wife hate it.

Jon these are just few of the things i experience and i really need a good advice because most doctors i approach gives me erection tablets only and few advises such us because you are stress in work or you feel bad about loosing job or worried about life, all those i know but what i need is a good remedy to solve my problem.

Thank you for listening and i will keep you in touch, perhaps we can solve this out. God bless you.


Hi Mar,

Thanks for your email. This is a common occurrence with men and while you may think that eating what is in front of you is fine, often it isn’t. I would advise you to pay close attention to what you eat as it can make a big difference to your health.

Overmasturbation during your younger years may have caused some exhaustion, however you can still get your body naturally back producing high levels of the correct hormones.

There is a lot of advice I can give you, so I would recommend:

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The choice is yours and of course, in the meantime I will continue to send you my free tips and advice.

Best Regards