Mucuna Puriens The Secret To Enhanced Sexual Performance


What exactly is this Mucuna Pruriens ingredient and why is it often featured in supplements which promise an uptick of sexual performance in men?  It is a tropical vine whose seeds produce nearly all of the medical benefits discussed throughout the article.

It is also known as cowhage, velvet bean, among other names and contains the neurotransmitter pre-cursor L-Dopa and helps encourage the production of dopamine. Mucuna Pruriens also has been found to help improve moods and the libido with a number of other health benefits.

How L-Dopa Effects Testosterone Levels

Scientific studies ran by the Environmental Health Science Laboratory of Sumitomo Chemical Co in Osaka, Japan showed long-term doses of L-Dopa in male rats helped release the luteinizing hormone.  Why is that important? This release of hormones was then found to be a precursor to the increased production of testosterone.

L-Dopa also reduces excessive prolactin in the body which can diminish sexual desire. Along with the increased testosterone production, this has been found to increase the sexual desire in both men and women.

The L-Dopa found in Mucuna Puriens also helps significantly reduce the refractory period after sex if the herb is digested several hours before the encounter. Meaning they are more likely to be ready for a second round of intimacy.

Dopamine is an essential ingredient in a functional and healthy brain. Without enough Dopamine, muscles can be tense and tremble, both are key factors in sexual health. The human brain is perhaps the most important sex organ and if your body is not in a relaxed state it is far more difficult to perform sexually.

Can Mucuna Pruriens Really Help Enlarge The Penis?

The Dopamine production process which is initiated by consuming Mucuna Pruriens has several key benefits. Not only does it enhance one’s sex drive, lessen the refractory period in men, it also triggers the production of growth hormone.

Broken down this means that the enhanced libido can increase the blood flow to the penis to allow the organ to take on an increased amount of nutrients. This process is called hyper-engorging and can result in natural penis growth.

The added growth hormones flowing may help the penis grow naturally as well and will have an additional effect when a penis enlargement regimen is undergone by an individual. Of course, the exact increases will vary depending on the individual, their diet, and a number of other factors.

Is Mucuna Pruriens Really This Beneficial?

Yes! This is an effective ingredient that is used in a number of male sex enhancement supplements. The science is strong behind the effects it has on the libido in men and women.

While the science behind the penile enlargement aspects of Mucuna Pruriens is not as strong, there have been reports of supplements containing the herb helping men increase the size of their penis.

Mucuna Pruriens is recommended and has numerous other health benefits as well!

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