Mismatched Libido – Boosting Sex Drive In Couples In Relationships

A mismatched libido in a relationship can cause some tension if it goes unresolved for a period of time.

Having a healthy libido should be a priority for both men and women, and especially for those that are involved in long term relationships.

Good, regular lovemaking creates strong and deep emotional ties in a couple.

Very often, disputes, personality differences and tension can be quickly resolved by good, tension relieving sex.

The aim is to be able to keep on maintaining an excellent sex life in order to overcome the daily challenges that living in a relationship bring about.

There are some great ways to improve lovemaking. Learning some simple tips can improve your love life to a great extent and help your relationship flourish again.

The best book I’ve found on this subject so far is 500 Lovemaking Tips And Secrets.

The causes of female low libido

For females, low libido can be a side effect of medication such as birth control pills, anti-depressants or other drugs such as epilepsy medication.

Menopausal women experience hormonal changes that can cause a decreased libido and reduced enjoyment of sex.

Stress, tiredness and unresolved problems can also reduce female libido and sexual pleasure.

Instead of having to deal with constant libido issues that can plague a relationship, there are entirely natural solutions and tips that can help you enjoy sex and take more pleasure than before.

Follow the below link for explanations on how to improve female sex drive. 

Boosting female libido naturally

The causes of male low libido

Male sex drive can be negatively impacted by a number of factors. Rarely is there a man who refuses to find a solution for a mismatched libido. Men tend not to be happy if their wife or lover has a higher sex drive than they do.

How do men end up with sexual problems?

Poor physical form, eating the wrong foods, medication, recreational drugs and sexual anxiety can all cause a man’s sex drive to plummet.

Weak erections result in embarrassment, loss of confidence, low motivation and sexual anxiety can follow.

Again, there are perfectly natural solutions which can boost a man’s sex drive back to normal levels once again.

This means that the man doesn’t have to depend on taking chemical drugs each time in order to achieve erections.

Follow my tips on improving male sex drive to find out how to apply this techniques and increase sex drive. 

A mismatched libido and long term relationships