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Marijuana Addiction And Low Desire

weed and low libidoMany men have experienced low libido and even trouble keeping or getting an erection following or during long term marijuana use. The question and disputed fact is, is it really due to marijuana consumption itself?

A number of studies claim that regular consumption of pot (or weed, marijuana) can lower testosterone, sperm quality and motility while temporarily boosting dopamine levels (libido).

Of course, most of us have heard that some studies point to marijuana consumption causing long term erection problems. Weed smokers naturally dispute this, and many middle-aged long-term pot consumers proudly speak of a healthy libido and regular erections.

My Time With Marijuana, Libido and Erections

My own experience when using marijuana is of having mind-blowing sex when high. I was a long term party animal in my twenties who kept fit and ate well. Work hard, play hard was my motto.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol and weed at the same time didn’t make me vomit like some people say; it just got me as high as a kite instead.

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And sex when high on THC can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Physical contact is experienced in slow, intense and granular motion while the sensory perceptions are heightened. Pleasure receptors pick up and amplify any minor sexual gratification and flood the brain with excitement.

When high on marijuana, the male (and female) orgasms are slow, strong and intensely powerful. The effect is almost as if the sexual pleasure is wired through a high quality amplifier and played back in delicious 3D surround sound. The post-orgasmic feeling of well-being is equally pleasurable and lingers for what appears to be 3 or 4 times longer than normal.

And sex while high can appear to have no adverse effects for some time, what is worrying is what happens when weed consumption is reduced. The real test is what happens when you come off the weed.

Personally, I can speak of 2 contrasting personal experiences:

1. When I stopped weed in my 20s the first time, I experienced an instant boost in testosterone, with increased energy levels, less need to sleep and regular hard erections

2. At the same time I stopped weed aged 30, I had a whole series of problems including an infected prostate, a shrunken manhood and low sex drive.

What happens to other men out there who smoke marijuana?

Enter Mike, a long term serious 25 year old pot smoker who yanked himself out of the weed habit 3 months before contacting me.

What Happens When You Quit The Weed?


Hello Jon. I hope all is well. I stumbled across your website and could not help but to acknowledge it and give your solution to my problems a try.

I am suffering from a major decrease in my libido that seems to have happened over night.

I am a 25 year old male and currently I am overcoming a marijuana addiction that I had for some time now. As of now I am THREE full months clean and still my libido has NOT recovered 100%.

I experienced a rapid surge in my libido two weeks ago and was able to have sex. I guess it came from intense bike riding and large consumptions of milk. I thought I had recovered 100% only to realize it was just temporary. It completely went back down.

I went to the doctor and everything appears to be normal as far as my health and hormone levels my testosterone levels fluctuate between 800-900 which is average for my age).

There is no way to measure my libido considering that is my sexual drive/desires. He gave me some Cialis but I rather not use it because I don’t have a problem getting erections.

My only problem is low libido and lack of desire which restricts me from keeping my erection during sex. This is also beginning to hurt me psychologically.  I have a clean bill of health. No high blood pressure, no high sugar levels or cholesterol and I am in relatively good physical condition.

What is the best way for me to combat against this situation and restore my libido and confidence back to 100%?


P.S. I’m definitely going to start cycling some of the sexual herb supplements you suggested. Also should I purge my body and fast for a few days before starting your solution?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your email. This is very interesting in a way as it compares to some of my experiences.

The way I see it is that your body starts to react to the THC being in your blood and when you ejaculate when high, or soon after, the THC appears to “assume control” of your sex drive.

You could say that the marijuana chemicals take over the empty nervous terminals (following ejaculation) and synapses and mimic the action of the neurotransmitters.

Therefore, when you give up smoking, it appears that the fuel for your sex drive is no longer there. You may also have low dopamine or irregular levels of dopamine as a result of the effect that weed had on boosting dopamine while high for so long.

Your body needs to get used to the sex drive depending on your brain and nervous system again and this takes a little time.

Do not worry about this. The same happened to me and it took a few months for me too to recover.

You are also a young man, so your body should be in top form once you come back completely. You do have to stay positive about it and keep telling yourself it’ll come back properly so as not to become affected mentally.

Nevertheless, the vibe I got from your email leads me to think you are a positive person.

This is what may work for you, as it did for me:

  1. Regular stimulation (edging) and frequency of ejaculations, just 3 times a week or every other day (not every day, do not overdo it of course)
  2. Avoid porn
  3. 5HTP for 3-4 weeks to help regulate dopamine (dopamine is required for libido)
  4. Liver supplements like milk thistle for 1-2 weeks then 1-2 days after every weekend or following alcohol/rich food
  5. Cycling only 3 supplements per week such as ginseng, zinc, tongkat on consecutive days
  6. Regular exercise and plenty of fluids
  7. As much sunshine as possible

Regarding supplements, speak to your doctor if you have any doubts and do not mix them with meds.

Also, everybody is different so try out the above, but chop and change and test combinations until you get the best possible results.erectile dysfunction and weed


Conclusion And Tips For Weed Smokers (And Anyone Else)

Having known many weed smokers in my time, I have to say the reports on the effects of sex drive and erectile function are a mixed bag. Some claim to be perfectly healthy and others have had problems with low desire and infrequent erections.

Nevertheless, my own experience and that of Mike, as well as many others, shows that if you are smoking plenty of pot, you are risking your manhood.

I know full well that there are many marijuana smokers out there who will deny this and point to inconclusive studies and evidence that points to the problem being related to something else.

I have to say that they may have a point, even if I do not agree with them completely. My opinion is that weed is not the only problem here, although it can be part of a problem.

Those of you that know a little about Bob Marley would know that weed was actually part of his Rastafarian religion. He smoked more of it than anyone who may ever have met in your life, possibly much more.

And yet Bob Marley was the ultimate womanizer: when he wasn’t seducing Miss France he was working his way through female Swedish fans before getting back to his wife for the night. No libido or fertility problems there! After all, Bob had 11 children in his 36 year life, all in the space of 12 years.

Then again, Bob would have had only organic, homegrown weed all his life.

We can conclude that:

  1. We are all different in our reactions to weed and sex drive
  2. If you have chemicals in your weed it becomes much, much more risky for you

Some Tips If You Smoke Weed And Want To Stay Manly

1. Soak your weed in water for a while first: quite clearly, nearly all street marijuana, and also cannabis that can be purchased in countries where it is tolerated is loaded with chemical fertilizers. These nasty chemicals are often highly disruptive to your endocrine system. Could this be the reason why results in studies are inconclusive and varied? Perhaps the quantity of chemicals in some drugs is higher than in others. Soak your weed in water and see what colour the water turns.

2. Go organic: if you want to be Mr. Clean, then either grow your own or get homegrown natural only. Stay away from nasty super hybrid weed that is probably stuffed with every crap under the sun and causes you to stare at the wall for 3 hours.

3. Have sex while not high: Instead of only having sex while high, have it as often as possible when sober. Hopefully, this will avoid your body having to depend on THC to get horny. Try not to develop a habit of masturbating to porn while high. I am certain this can be destructive.

4. Stay healthy: At all times, take care of your diet, exercise regularly and avoid eating too much late at night after smoking. Drink plenty of fluids.

5. Don’t become dependent: Weed is not addictive but you can become dependent on it. If you find that you need a puff in order to sleep, to think straight or first thing in the morning then alarm bells should be ringing. You should control the weed, not the other way around. If you must smoke, then use it for pleasure but be disciplined about it too.