Male Multiple Orgasms and Ejaculation

Male multiple orgasms are for pleasure seekers and guys that want to last longer in bed.

And I mean last for really long!

So long that your partner should get tired way before you do, after having several orgasms herself.

You decide when you come, and generally it’s after 45 minutes or one hour, or maybe more.

And you get to have multiple male orgasms.

Making the effort to last long in bed

It’s really worth making all the effort to ensure your sexual performance is is worth remembering.

It’s a matter of male pride.

Short term lovers or booty calls will remember you for a long time. If ever you are single and lonely, and they are too, you can bet they’ll send you a suggestive text message.

They’ll remember how long you lasted and how good it was. It’ll work wonders for your confidence when former lovers have a glint in their eye for you.

If you can be really great in bed, last long and have male multiple orgasms, believe me, you’re a catch for any girl.

Once a few girls have experienced it, you won’t have to make much effort to meet new ones.

Attraction magnet

Once you gain in sexual confidence women seem to be able to sense it. This isn’t a story, it’s just what happens.

Perhaps it’s that you exude confidence due to the fact you are good in bed. Maybe it’s a more primal sense that ladies develop to men.

It tends to be what happens when you’re confident.

Being a great lover means you have an aura of confidence, whether you realize it or not. Girls are attracted to that.

Did you ever have a sense that a girl you knew would be good in bed, and then you found out it was true?

Girls are just as good, if not better than men at detecting how good a lover you are.

Maybe they feel your aura.

But being a great lover and lasting for ages in bed certainly has some confidence boosting benefits.

Male Multiple Orgasms

Can you really have multiple orgasms if you’re a man?

Yes you can. And it is certainly possible.

It’s what happens when you orgasm but don’t ejaculate. You can do this several times before actually ejaculating in the end.

Is it worth it? Experiencing the powerful tidal wave orgasm all over your body, several times is absolutely mind blowing.

It impresses ladies too, that you can come several times without ejaculation and still keep going.

But the real benefit is the amazing sensations of multiple orgasms.

Hard to find information

The only thing is, hardly anyone knows how to come several times.

Some women can have multiples, but for men it’s much rarer.

You don’t have to have multiple orgasms to satisfy your partner.

But it’s quite impressive when you do.

And the best thing is: when you learn to have multiples, you’ll learn how to last for longer in bed. Really long.

How to do this

You can develop this kind of orgasmic power by performing regular Kegel exercises (flexing your penis and anus muscles), plenty of training of your ability to hold back your ejaculation and by deep breathing techniques.

This will take you some time to train yourself to do.

I learned this techniques easily by just following Ian Kessler’s Male Multiple Orgasm Guide.

You don’t write a book about multiple orgasms unless you really know exactly how to teach people to do it.

Only 0.42% of people who buy this guide return it. That’s less than 1 in 200 men. Of course, that one guy in every 200 gets his money back too. That means that the other 199 men can happily have male multiples. Jealous yet?

It’s your call to decide. If you’re happy and satisfied with your libido and if you already last long enough, then this is probably just a subject that you’re curious about.

If you need a solid guide on lasting longer in bed, then you could always make the most of it and learn about how to have multiples as well. It might be fun.

This ebook has a high level of success and satisfaction. If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back.


I think that being able to last longer in bed (really long) and being able to experience the sensations of multiple orgasms is worth knowing about.

But don’t take my word for it, make sure you check yourself if this is for you.

See how to get the Male Multiple Orgasm Guide