How To Maintain An Erection – Keep Erect For Longer

If you can maintain an erection for over 45 minutes you can consider that your libido is in pretty good condition.

If you previously had a low sex drive and your ability to achieve good erections is returning, this is good news.

The tingle is back when you see a hot girl in the street. Your energy levels are getting higher.

But this is only half of it! Getting an erection isn’t much use at all to you if you can’t maintain it.

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What happens when you can’t maintain an erection

Many men, both young and old, have had difficulties to maintain an erection for longer than a few minutes at some point in their lives.

You get hard, you feel horny, your partner gets excited and anticipates good sex.

Then after 5 or 10 minutes you start losing your wood and you end up making love like a marsh mellow in a slot machine. This isn’t much fun!

Men that have this difficulty often may mistakenly believe their floppy tool condition is a result of a distraction.

They’ll say to their partner that some noise outside made them lose their wood, or something that their partner said put them off.

This isn’t actually true though, even though they may believe it. In most cases, what’s really happening is simply that you need to boost your libido to maintain an erection.

If you find you’re losing your erection regularly, you need to look at finding solutions.

Penile massage, penile exercises, libido food and the right mindset are all ways to get solid, strong erections more frequently. And anyone can do this!

When I had problems a few years back I finally discovered how to improve my libido permanently and naturally. You can find out about how I managed this.

I found it easier to keep hard for longer, and my penile massage exercises resulted in increased girth, which I was quite pleased about.

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What’s the best way to boost libido?

First of all, when you have a low libido make sure you follow all my tips on male libido enhancement. 

This will get your sex drive returning and getting near optimal level.

If after this, you still have difficulties maintaining erections for longer periods, and that’s where these tips come in.

You might want to try all of these techniques, or vary them according to the situation. Different techniques work for different people at different times.

Tips to maintain an erection for longer during sex

1. Deep breathing

It’s essential that you breathe regularly and deeply in order to maximize oxygen levels in your blood and maintain an erection properly.

If you find yourself getting physically out of breath from all the moving around during sex, then you’ll need to match your vigorous movements with regular breathing.

Failure to breathe properly and supply your body with the fuel it needs to keep everything running during sex can easily result in your erection getting softer the more you exert yourself.

In your mission to satisfy your partner you can get carried away and start moving faster and faster. If you don’t breathe more deeply when doing this, you risk Mr. Floppy paying you a visit.

2. Massage technique

This is a brilliant technique which can really help you when you need to keep wood for longer.

When your erection is strong, at the start of lovemaking, make the most of it and massage all around the base of your penis.

You’ll need to use your fingers to massage the perineum area behind your balls, the very base of your penis and following that, higher up your penis.

Performing penile massages regularly when you’re hard will increase blood circulation and see your erections getting harder for longer.

You need to massage for a few minutes if you can. If it’s awkward for you to do this, then massaging for just a minute or so is also fine. Just make sure you do it.

If you feel you’re losing wood, then pull out and give your partner oral sex for a few minutes. You’ll be able to massage your base area discretely and for more time.

You’ll feel your erection getting more solid and staying hard for longer as time goes on using this great method.

Your penis should even get a bit thicker!

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3. Stimulate yourself

Losing your erection isn’t much fun in the middle of a love act. Did you get distracted by thinking of something that worries you, or is it a physical issue?

Rather than think about that, when you lose your erection, above all you should know that your wood can come back.

Instead of just lying there, pleasure your partner. This has the double benefit of bringing her (closer) to orgasm and making you horny watching her.

If you feel yourself lose wood, then take a break and use your tongue and your fingers on her to give her pleasure.

Seeing a girl very horny will make you even hornier! This can be enough to make your wood return with a bang.

4. Relax

Instead of worrying when you lose your erection, just relax.

It’ll come back and harder than before. Worrying only makes it almost impossible to get your erection back.

Being confident and believing it’ll return increases your chances of resuming a good sex sessions by ten.

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What if losing an erection is related to the mind?

Losing erections mid-session can also be down to past traumas, missing an ex, anxiety or lack of sexual confidence.

If you feel like your problem is mental and not physical then relax, there’s a way back.

For mentally related erection problems, there are some effective techniques which improve your libido by working on your mind. 

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