A Low Sperm Count – How To Increase Semen Volume And Quality

When it comes to a low sperm count and increasing semen volume, men often don’t know where to begin.

Low ejaculate volume, small amounts of semen and the inability to conceive are linked to low testosterone levels in men and very often, poor nutrition.

The Solutions For Low Sperm Count

To improve semen volume for long term results, increase virility and the possibilities of success in conceiving there are several natural methods than can have positive results very fast.

Supplements are very beneficial and recommended, but you should also take into account a number of other factors that will impact your semen volume.

Use the following methods to improve sperm count and increase volume.

1. Libido increasing diet

Poor diet or nutrition is a very common cause of low libido and sperm count problems.

Even if your libido is apparently healthy, taking measures to boost sperm volume is absolutely necessary for improving health, chances of conceiving and erections.

As a man, you should be eating plenty of fish, leafy vegetables (broccoli), fruit juices, eggs and nuts (not peanuts).

There are also specific foods that you should be avoiding.

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2. Exercise for boosting sperm

Exercise and physical activity plays a very important part in testosterone production (sperm volume is dependent on testosterone).

Some great natural methods of improving sperm count is by performing regular exercise.

Excessive exercise can be negative for semen if your body temperature is too high.

There is an optimal technique of exercising to boost libido. 

Exercise to boost a low sperm count

3. Detox to improve sperm quality

Being free of the toxins in your body is a great way to improve the quality of your semen.

Toxins can be present in polluted air, food, drink and household products.

Detoxing is strongly advised for general health purposes and can be highly beneficial to sperm production.

Drinking plenty of water is the first logical step to improving sperm.

Avoid alcohol and drugs completely for optimal semen production. 

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4. Boost testosterone for high libido

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to ejaculate at all.

With higher levels of testosterone, you’ll feel your sex drive improving, your muscle density increasing and heightened levels of general energy. Sperm volume and quantity is also improved by boosting testosterone.

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5. Wear correct underwear

Some men admit to successfully conceiving only after changing their underwear.

Tight-fitting undergarments can increase heat, restrict blood flow and decrease sperm quality and quantity.

Loose-fitting underwear allows the testicles to remain cool and for blood to flow freely, benefiting the whole penile area.

Avoiding heat is advised. Hot baths and showers are not recommended if you want to maintain high quality sperm.