Low libido? – Find Remedies With Exercise, Supplements, Mind Power

Many, many people suffer from a low libido at some point in their life.

The sad fact is that they aren’t aware there is a solution or a way to improve their situation.

Young people, old people, both male and female; anyone can find themselves with a weak sex drive and no apparent way of improving it.

Unfortunately, this results in unhappiness, lack of confidence and relationship break ups.

If only people were aware of a few simple tips that would help to stimulate their bodies and minds again!

Why do people get a low libido problem?

Let’s be clear. We don’t know much about our bodies. Neither do doctors and neither does anyone.

Relatively, compared to what we will discover in the coming years, we are philistines.

Imagine now, the world 500 years from now. How many medical breakthroughs and how much more knowledge will the human race have acquired?

We’ll look back and shake our heads at how people ate cereals from crops treated with pesticide and meat from animals who were given antibiotics.

Teachers in schools will speak about how we polluted our planet’s air and nearly destroyed the earth we lived in.

We don’t know enough about what we eat and drink and breathe and what it is actually doing to our bodies.

The causes of a low libido are very complex and vary from person to person.

From hormone levels, to diet, to fitness, to confidence, stress levels and a history of drugs and alcohol, your libido is a sensitive beast if you don’t treat it well.

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Treat your libido like you would a new car

You can compare a human being’s sex drive to a fast car’s engine. When you first get it and for a few years afterwards, your car’s motor is fast, new and punchy. You feel like you can do what you want with it!

You can drive it fast, take it to the limits, forget to service it a couple of times and yet it still appears to work fine.

But if you keep doing this the car will eventually start to perform less well. It may start to stall from time to time and lose a bit of the punchy acceleration it previously had.

You’ll eventually pay for the mistreatment you gave it in its earlier years. You’ll wish you’d taken more care of it when you first got it.

Treat it well though and your car will treat you well. Give it the right, high quality maintenance and it will still be a great performer years down the road.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

A car is just like your libido: if you abuse it for prolonged periods at any time of your life, you’ll pay for it later.

If you look after it, maintain it, follow the best practices and respect it, then it’ll respect you too! 

What are the real causes of a loss of libido?

What if it’s too late and I have a low sex drive already?

Relax. This happens to so many people. The guy you know from work who appears to be all confident has an erection problem. He can’t keep it up for longer than 4 or 5 minutes, and even then it’s not hard enough.

The girl who appears to have it all, including a great husband has been turned off by the idea of sex for the past 6 months. She has no idea why she has a low libido.

The guy who just started his own business that you went to college with has pains in his prostate area.

The lovely lady neighbour of yours suffers from a low libido and only has sex every 3 months or so. Her husband is having a “hard” time.

The younger guy who you always see with a different girl suffers from premature ejaculation, but he doesn’t admit it to himself.

There are solutions to having a low sex drive for all these people and there are ways to improve your libido and restore it to health.

Trust me, I’ve been there. See here for my story. 

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What are the solutions?

The solutions for improving your libido are varied and depend to some extent if you’re younger, older, in between, male or female.

We’re not talking about tweaking a TV set here. The libido’s performance depends on a number of factors, including the brain’s interaction with the body, diet, age, fitness level and mental clarity.

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