Low Female Libido – The Causes And Remedies

Low female libido can cause all sorts of unhappiness and complications, not only for the individual but also for her partner.

It’s disheartening for a lady to suddenly have her sex drive appear to go flat or lifeless, especially when she’s always had a healthy, strong appetite for sex.

If this is creating a libido mismatch in the couple’s relationship then there may be some tension. If there isn’t any yet then you can bet there will be.

To avoid it from happening or to find a solution fast, you first need to look at the what could be the causes of the issue.

Poor Self-Image Can Cause Low Sex Drive

Certain ladies may be suffering from a poor self image or belief that they’re not attractive or that they’re overweight.

As the female libido is so strongly linked to the mind (more so than the man’s) then having a negative self image in any way can dampen the sex drive significantly.

It’s important to feel at ease with your body and relaxed in the presence of your partner. You should be able to make love with the lights on, even if you’re not completely happy with your body.

After all, no one is perfect. How boring would life be if we were perfect? Sometimes, our imperfections are what makes us attractive.

Men Like Imperfections

As a man, I can tell you that the typical catwalk model is simply not even slightly attractive. It’s a myth to think that men only prefer skinny ladies. Many men like women to have some shape and curve.

This doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go though. If you are suffering from a poor self image, then either learn to see yourself as beautiful (confidence is attractive) or get yourself in shape.

Anything else is irrational. Finding a solution is a priority here and if it means changing your diet, doing more exercise or visualising yourself as an attractive person, then you should be doing it.

Otherwise, you can choose to exercise regularly, 3 or 4 times per week and hard, to get results!

Poor Diet Can Ruin Self-Image And Sex Drive

Eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol too often, and neglecting to eat enough fruit and vegetables can wreak havoc on your sex drive.

The liver gets congested with toxins after so many years, even if you are reasonably healthy.

You don’t have to be obese for your body to be out of balance. An unhealthy diet and too much toxic drinking and smoking will reduce your desire to the point where you rarely feel like sex anymore.

So make sure you set yourself some rules: eat more salad, raw vegetables, nuts and fruit.

Cut down on alcohol, smoking, fatty foods (like french fries and chips) and eliminate junk food completely.

Flush your liver by having regular citrus teas and natural herbs.

As soon as you do this your body will start to feel cleaner. One month later and you’ll be bouncing off the walls. 

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Medication Can Cause Low Female Libido

If you find that your sex drive has suddenly taken a hit, then research the medicine that you’ve been taking.

All too often, medicine has undesirable side effects which may or may not be listed on the notice.

This has been known to happen with birth control pills, anti-depressants, blood pressure medication, epilepsy drugs and other treatments taken on a regular basis.

Just because you’ve taken them for years, it doesn’t mean that the side effects can’t manifest themselves now.

The less medication you take, the better. If you can completely avoid all drugs, you’ll have an easier time increasing your sex drive. 

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Menopause Lowers Estrogen Levels

It’s well known that the menopause and a reduced sex drive go hand in hand.

However, the effects of the menopause on sex are perhaps exaggerated. Often, a lady who is over 50 years old can also have self image issues and lack confidence.

Whilst menopause is part of the cause, it may not be as influential as you think.

There are remedies to counter the effects of the menopause on women, but make sure that self image, medication or relationship problems are not the real concern.

Relationship Issues

People occasionally shut problems down into a corner of their mind.

A lady may have a feeling, or pick up a small sign that her partner isn’t paying her enough attention.

Maybe she feels that she’s been cheated on at some point. She might not be actually conscious of this, but her gut feeling is directing the show and telling the body what to do.

We’re not always conscious of what our gut feeling (or subconscious mind) is telling us. When the mind is constantly racing with thoughts, it’s not easy to tune into your deeper, more intuitive self.

Infidelity may not always be the issue and there are many other factors that could be influencing the body, such as a lack of intimacy.

One of them could be effectively blocking out desire for sex. The best thing that can be done is to search and find any unresolved issues and to lay them on the table. 

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Feeling Stressed

Too much work, kids and not enough time in the day is one of the number one sex drive killers today.

For both men and women, stress is a real dampener on both male and female sex drive.

It’s essential to plan carefully, to manage stress effectively (think yoga, breathing, exercise) and to have time alone with your partner. Make this a priority.

Sex is important for the relationship and it should be put before anything else. So relax, make time for it and let it happen. 

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Lack Of Sleep

Feeling tired can really reduce sex drive in both men and women.

A lack of sleep, usually during periods when work, kids and no rest takes its toll can have negative effects.

Intimacy is important, but so is getting enough sleep. In fact, it’s pretty hard to have one without the other!

So plan your day and don’t waste time watching TV until midnight when you could be in bed, getting intimate before getting a good night’s sleep.

Do you suffer from low libido, dryness or lack of desire? Follow my advice on how to get your sex drive back and start enjoying sex again. 

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