Loss of Libido? A Look at the Causes and Solutions Of Low Desire

Anyone can unexpectedly have a loss of libido at some point in life.

The causes of low libido vary and can be both physical and psychological.

Fortunately, entirely natural solutions occur for both.

For some people, their libido can recover in a short time whereas for others, it may take up to a few months.

Cause 1: Hormonal Imbalances

Lack of testosterone in both men and women can result in poor sexual performance and reduced sexual desire.

Low testosterone levels can be caused by medication (both sexes) alcohol and drug abuse (both sexes) and a poor lifestyle (bad diet, lack of exercise).

Herbs can address the balance, boost sexual hormones and are completely natural.

You’ll notice an increase in energy and a return of the libido. For some people this will happen faster than for others. 

Herbal libido remedies

Cause 2: Toxins and medication

A lifetime of eating food farmed with pesticides, drinking alcohol and taking medication eventually takes its toll on the body and especially on the libido.

Medication can have some very negative side effects on some people.

A weak sex drive is sometimes just a sign that the whole body is struggling just to function correctly. It’s like a car that’s got dirt in the engine and stalls regularly.


You may notice at times in your life that your digestion is poor, your skin is limp, you have bad breath, you’re lacking in energy or all of these.

In the same way, your sex drive can take a bad performance hit and suffer as a result of a toxin build up in your body.

This is where a full body and liver detox can work wonders for you. In just a few days, you can feel your libido perking up again. 

Lack of libido? These detox methods get you back on track 

Menopause? This can help

Cause 3: Poor diet and fitness

High blood pressure caused by lack of exercise and poor food habits can cause both self-image and sex drive to be negatively impacted.

Try watching the film “Super Size It” to see what eating fast food every day for a month did to a healthy guy.

His liver was ruined and he became impotent. This was only a young guy.

Pretty grim isn’t it?

Your diet is essential to your well-being. You need to be eating the best foods for a strong libido and healthy lifestyle.

You also need to get into shape to reduce the load on your heart and improve circulation. This is essential for improving your sex drive. Don’t overlook it. 

A list of libido increasing foods 

Enhance your libido naturally with exercise

Cause 4: Stress and lack of sleep

Stress is a major reason for poor sexual performance and weak desire, including dryness and tension.

Too much work, issues with children, conflicts with other human beings, money problems…

All of these take their toll on our bodies and stress us out. You’ll notice the most obvious symptom of stress is not only poor sleep but lack of sexual desire too.

Only few people can have good sex when they’re really stressed.

For the rest of us, we need to find ways to relax and get deeper sleep to promote sexual hormone production during deepest sleep.

How can you best do this? 

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