Why Are You Losing Erections With Condoms?

Multiple men have reported that they are constantly losing erections with a condom. Is there really something about condoms which cause men to not be able to perform sexually? Could this phenomenon intersect with the sixteen to twenty percent of men who suffer from acute cases of erectile dysfunction?

A plethora of explanations exist to attempt to explain why condoms may possibly cause short term erectile dysfunction in men:

  • They don’t feel enough pleasure during sex while wearing the condom.
  • The condom squeezes the penis too much.
  • Pausing to put the condom on kills the mood.
  • They get a minor attack of anxiety when they see a condom

However, there is research that points to different reasons other than the condom for short-term impotence.

What Research Really Says And Losing Your Erection When Using A Condom

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine explores how condoms affect the male erection, and their results were quite definitive.

Researchers collected surveys from 479 heterosexual males between the ages of 18-24 who used a condom during intercourse over the past 90 days. The study was purposefully made to oversample men who claimed condoms were the cause of their erectile dysfunction.

Researchers passed out flyers which read “Do condoms interfere with your erections?” and “Do condoms interfere with your arousal?”

The survey asked how often each male experienced erectile dysfunction in the past 90 days when they were not using a condom during sexual activity.

They were asked to explain when they lost their erection during the sexual interaction – whether before or after putting the condom on – then they were asked to report on their erectile problems in the past 90 days when they were using condoms. The questions concerning when erection was lost while wearing the condom was before vaginal intercourse, and asked survey participants to detail how often they lost or started to lose erections.

The results of the study were quite interesting and offer insight as to why men are losing erections with condoms.

The survey found that of the 479 men, approximately 62 percent suffered from erectile dysfunction while using a condom before penetration, after penetration, or during both scenarios. However, the analysis showed something else interesting.

Of those reporting condom-associated erectile problems, they were also more likely to report trouble becoming erect while they weren’t using a condom.

Researchers found that men who were having issues staying hard while using condoms were significantly more likely to be diagnosed with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction than those who weren’t affected by using protection.

Condoms And Losing Erections: What’s Really At Play

There are some out there who will attempt to push the narrative that condoms leave men not feeling welcome by a woman – that a woman asking a man to wear a condom carries the message that she does not accept you inside her body.

The talking points extend to explaining that men want to feel accepted, trusted, and welcomed. Somehow safe sex has turned into an attack on manhood if you follow this logic.

However, that line of thought is complete nonsense. Numerous studies have shown that erectile dysfunction in young men can often be related to performance anxiety, stress, and have nothing to do with the condom directly.

Men having issues staying erect may need certain stimulation to stay erect, suffer for low testosterone; or have a number of physical or mental hurdles keeping them from being able to perform.

Men directly blaming the condom should look into other parts of their lifestyle and emotions before entering sexual activity.

In extreme cases trying a different style of the condom which allows for more sensation may help the issue – yet erectile dysfunction is not directly linked to condom usage.

The Recap: Condoms That Cause Impotence

It’s important men are honest with themselves when it comes to erectile dysfunction; blaming a condom is an extremely counter-productive way to increase your performance in the bedroom.

If you are losing erections with a condom, you are probably suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

One action that anecdotal experiences claim help keep hard with a condom is to masturbate with a condom on. Known as a “posh wank” in some parts of the world; masturbating with a condom can help a man get used to being aroused by it.

There are a wealth of available supplements which could boost sexual confidence when wearing a condom, that are safe and affordable.

For these, try:

  1. Zinc
  2. Garlic
  3. Ginseng
  4. MucunaPruriens
  5. Tongkat Ali
  6. Pine pollen

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