How to Lose Weight Efficiently as a Man

Losing weight is usually something that women talk about. However, nowadays, many of us happen to be overweight and yet, there’s little material on how to lose weight efficiently as a man.

Why shouldn’t we use women press?

We can but most of the diets proposed are orientated for a feminine body and sometimes take into account hormonal differences.

Which is why I want to offer a more manly alternative who takes into account our body shape and testosterone levels.

I will describe a few excellent diets (low carb, high in protein, CICO etc.) and you will be able to chose what diet is more appropriate for you.

Let’s take a look at these diets and discover why they work.

How to Lose Weight Efficiently as a Man – Best Diets

Low Carb Diet – Atkins

The Atkins diet is extremely low in carbs. For instance, it excludes most known fat building culprits aka bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, legumes, most dairy products, sweets, alcohol and fruits. Essentially, this diet is focused on green vegetables, meat, fish, yogurt (full fat with no added sugar), eggs and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, olive, coconut & rapeseed oil, etc.).

The Atkins diet is great for people who suffer from metabolic disorders or/and diabetes. It helps boost the metabolic rate and improves sugar assimilation (insulin resistance).

Following this diet, you will experience a rapid weight loss (about 6kg/13lbs per month). Additionally, after depleting your reserves of glucose, you will find yourself surprisingly full with this diet.

However, should you want an alternative that is, in my opinion, more sustainable on the long run, you could try the following diet, the ketogenic diet.

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Low Carb Diet/ High Fat – Ketogenic

The ketogenic – or Keto – diet is essentially another low carb diet. However, unlike the Atkins diet, the amount of fats is drastically higher. Also, there’s more variety when it comes to veggies, you may not be able to indulge in mountains of fruits but berries are allowed and dairy products (with moderation) too.

How does the keto diet work?

When you don’t use glucose as a main source of fuel, your body will eventually use ketones as a main fuel and to get those in full swing you need good fats. Which means that the keto diet is basically a low carb AND a high fat diet.

To stay in ketosis (which is the switching from glucose to ketones as fuel) you need to be under 25 grams of carbs daily. In addition, the keto community is vast and many blogs offer amazing recipes to stay keto while having the meals you love.

Results wise, you will find that the ketogenic diet is brilliant to lose fat and keep muscle (as long as your exercise regularly).

Additionally, the keto diet is excellent to kick the butt of diabetes. However, if you are diabetic, this will be a change for life and for many, for the best. (1)

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CICO Diet (Calories In, Calories Out)

The CICO diet is basically about eating less calories than what you currently need for your body to function properly. Which is basically eating healthily but with a caloric deficit. I’m mentioning “healthy” eating because you could indeed eat crap while maintaining a deficit and lose weight. However, health wise, it would be a disaster and your metabolism wouldn’t get the much needed boost it needs.

If you need help with the CICO diet, you can consult a nutritionist. He will be able to tailor the diet to your needs (like a medical pathology: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc.) and help you with meal prep.

When doing the CICO diet, the weight loss won’t be as drastic as with low carb diets. However, if you don’t want to dramatically change your diet, this may be the way to go.

The simplest way to keep on track? Count your calories with an app and keep your calorie count in check!

Glycemic Index Diet

There’s a variant of the CICO diet, it’s the glycemic index diet. It’s also about the calories in and out but on top of that, you will use a glycemic index. This index shows you the insulin produced by eating certain foods.

For instance, some foods like white pasta or rice have a high glycemic index. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them. However, some have a low glycemic index and should be your staples to follow this diet.

High-Protein Diet

This diet was incredibly popular in the beginning of the 21st century. However, the high-protein diet is unsustainable for a long period.

Why is that?

To put it simply, a high-protein diet is dangerous over long periods of time. This type of diet increases the risk of malnutrition, it tires the heart and kidneys, and in addition, most weight loss is gained back post-diet. (2)

So, why am I even mentioning it?

This diet is indicated when you need a rapid weight loss. For example, should you need to have a surgery but your weight is an issue or need to lose weight urgently for other medical reasons, this is a possibility.

If you decide to chose this option, there’s an unavoidable condition: you will NEED to be under medical supervision while you are on this diet.

How to Lose Weight Efficiently as a Man – Conclusion

To lose weight efficiently, there are many options. However, my personal recommendation goes for the ketogenic diet. Which is a healthy diet that cuts a lot of crap and leaves delicious satisfying meals. However, some may find the keto diet too restrictive when it comes to carbs. In this case, altering with or going for the CICO diet is another very good option.

In addition, to boost your metabolism even more, you could also try intermittent fasting. To do so, you will need to adjust your eating period to a certain amount of time. For example, you could have your meals in an 6 or 8 hour window and fast for the following 18 or 16 hours. This solution is extremely beneficial for fat loss, especially for visceral and abdominal fat.

Now, let’s wish farewell to that fat and stay on track, being healthy is worth it!

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