Lack Of Libido? Detox Your Body

Having a lack of libido can have a severe dampening effect on your life.

Your happiness, motivation, enjoyment and vitality can all suffer and have a negative impact on other areas of your life.

Sometimes, we don’t even know why this is.

Sometimes, we’ll go to the doctor complaining of a lack of libido. It’s normal to do this, after all, we have no idea why it suddenly happens.

Often though, the doctor will prescribe some obscure medication that either makes your problem worse, doesn’t work at all, or only works for a few weeks before you fall back into low libido patterns again.

Then you’ll find another doctor who describes more medication which fails miserably.

Sometimes it feels like nothing works to increase your libido.

Understanding the reasons why this happens is crucial to increasing your sexual desire and getting your sex life back.

Detoxing your body to increase libido

If you’ve partied a lot in your life, taken recreational drugs (marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine) or medication at various times, eaten rich foods or had a poor diet, then your body has probably suffered much more than you might have realized.

You may not notice for years, but eventually there’ll be a knock-on effect on your sex drive.

You’ll lose some of your desire and when you do get sexual urges occasionally, they don’t last for very long.

You may not be able to make love for as long as before, whether you’re a boy or a girl.

Does this sound familiar to you?

In cases like these, where you’re suffering from a lack of libido, herbal supplements are still useful, but they’ll work much better if you detox your body too.

How to detox for libido recovery

There are a few different ways to detox in order to improve libido. The most effective for you is to try all of them.

Exercise for detoxing

Vigorous exercise not only burns fat fast, but also helps you to detox all the toxic substances that you’ve kept in your body for years.

These are the toxins that are causing hormonal imbalances in your body and are playing havoc with your sex drive, causing a lack of libido.

Sharp and intense workouts which make you sweat loads are the most effective for detoxing.

Working out has the added benefit of improving blood circulation, releasing endorphins and improving vitality: all of which are great for increasing sex drive. 

An exercise regime to detox and increase libido

A raw food diet to detox

Having the right food and drink to detox to increase sex drive has numerous additional benefits.

Sticking to a raw food diet only, even for a few weeks, keeps your energy levels high whilst letting your body process all the undigested junk and toxins from your body.

Raw food diets

A raw food diet consists of only natural fruit juices and raw fruit and vegetables.

You don’t even have to cook any food for best results. Just raw.

Dairy, meat and packaged prepared foods are out.

A raw food diet program

It’s easy to do this and detox seriously if you have some expert advice.

The best raw food diets mean you’ll be able to lose weight, stay energetic, improve thought clarity and process toxins from your body.

If you’re lacking energy, feeling a bit slow and with cloudy thoughts this could be the right solution for you.

Boosting Male Libido Fast

For men, I created a guide to detoxing together with a 10 step program which explains how to boost your libido naturally and fast with the Male Libido Booster 10 Step Program

Detox using herbal supplements

A fast way to detox is using herbal supplements.

My personal experience is that this is the most effective way to get results and recover sexual function completely.

Traces of narcotics and medication can even stay in your spinal fluid and muscle fibers for years.

Long term marijuana smokers with a lack of libido can benefit from detoxing faster. The body needs to rid itself of all traces of drugs. Only when this is done can it address the hormonal imbalance at the root of low libido.

The same applies for many people who have taken legal or illegal drugs for long periods of time.

Which herbs work for a faster detox?

1. 5HTP for detoxing

It’s not just ex recreational drug users and party animals that can benefit from 5HTP.

5HTP is known more as a natural anti-depressant aid and appetite surpressant. Taking it can have a calming effect and improve moods. It works on the whole central nervous system and helps you to get deeper sleep.

This isn’t just a claim either; clinical studies back it up as fact.

So how does a natural product that promotes sleep and happiness detox your body?

Reaching deeper sleep levels is when your body is able to detox more intensely. Have you noticed how dark your urine is in the morning compared to during the day? This is because you’re secreting all the unwanted substances out of your body through your kidneys when you sleep.

Deeper sleep means your body detoxes more intensely, ridding you of unwanted toxins that have been present for years in your muscle fibers.

The first nights of taking 5HTP may see you sweat a bit. But this is technically a good sign because it means your body is cleaning itself out at a better rate than before. Just make sure you wear something in bed!

More on 5HTP.

2. Detox Supplements

A blend of natural herbs is effectively a fully body cleanser that would to help flush your body of drugs (recreational or prescription drugs) faster than your body would otherwise be able to.

And it should absolutely help you to detox naturally too.

3. Detox your liver with herbs

Detoxing your liver can have some amazing and fast benefits on your libido.

A build up of toxins over the years, alcohol and drug abuse or simply too much medication can cause the liver to become congested. This in turn leads to a lack of libido.

Believe it or not, the liver is so central and important to the body that it can affect your sex drive.

This shouldn’t be surprising once you know that the liver can cause bad breath, poor digestion, constipation, poor skin and bloating. It can also mean a severe lack of libido!

This can surprise plenty of people who had no idea that the problem is that simple.

Once the liver has been detoxified and cleaned, benefits can be felt pretty quickly.

Don’t believe me yet? Just try it.

The best naturally occurring substances to detoxify the liver are silymarin (from milk thistle) and cysteine (found in eggs).

This can work a treat. You can simply just go for a reduced, tried and trusted milk thistle extract.

Either one will help to detox your liver, make you feel “lighter” with improved digestion and if all else is good, a sharper libido. 

A lack of libido can sometimes be due to a congested liver which has worked too hard over the years processing toxins in food, drink and drugs (legal or illegal). Detoxing can definitely help you to improve your sexual health.

For optimal results on increasing male or female libido, you can use detoxifying herbs together with libido boosters to improve sex drive and vitality. 

Use these herbal products AND detox herbs for a lack of libido 

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