How To Keep An Erection For Longer Without Pills!

It’s true that when you know how to keep an erection for longer you can satisfy your partner by making love for more time and increasing her chances of reaching a shuddering orgasm.

Obviously, you have to know how to keep your erection hard.

A soft erection is generally not very pleasurable during sex and gives you little chance of making your partner climax. It’s also very embarrassing.

First Things First

Before we get to boosting your erections naturally, I advise you to first read my free guide on how to avoid foods that kill erections in order to be 100% certain you are not sabotaging your own erections by eating the wrong foods.

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Here are 5 techniques that help to keep an erection hard for longer.

1. Herbs For Increasing Male Libido

Many herbs exist that stimulate male libido, giving hard erections and helping you stay hard for longer.

Some of them help to boost testosterone levels, others improve blood circulation in the penis and others increase levels of nitric oxide in your blood, which relaxes muscles above the penis.

For most men, all of these herbal remedies lead to harder erections that stay hard for longer.

Technique for optimizing herbal erection stimulants

Rather than using only one herbal stimulant, use several different ones instead. There are many types of herb that increase male libido, and they all have different functions.

It’s advisable to vary the supplements you take rather than using the same one every day.

Start off by using decent natural supplement which combines several potent erection-boosting herbs and pleasure enhancing aphrodisiacs for long, powerful erections.

2. Penile Massage For Increase Blood Circulation

You probably already know that your penis depends on good blood circulation in order to become fully erect.

As the blood vessels that transport the blood to your sexual organs are fairly small in size, they can become less efficient as the years pass and they accumulate tiny plaques which restrict blood flow.

This is where penile massage and penis exercises can help.

Using natural manual techniques, you can massage your penile area successfully to help disperse plaques in your blood vessels and actually expand the capillaries that cause your penis to become erect.

This allows you to maintain harder erections for longer periods of time and if done properly, can actually increase your girth.

Find out how to master the techniques of penile massage

2. Deeper Sleep For Harder Erections

Poor quality sleep and high stress levels have a negative impact on erection quality.

Male hormones that are important to a healthy sex drive are mainly produced during deep sleep. If you fail to reach the deepest levels of sleep, the essential sex hormones will be present only in low quantity in your body.

Ideally, you should be naturally increasing your testosterone levels by reaching deep sleep yourself.

Could it be that you never reach deep sleep? You may not actually know. If you’re not sleeping as deeply as you could be, or if you’re affected by stress (without realizing it) then you should address the issue.

ZMA about 20 minutes before bedtime helps you reach the deeper levels of sleep that you’ll need to optimize testosterone production.

3. A Calm Mind For Harder Erections

This is especially relevant where stress is involved.

In order to keep an erection hard for longer, you need to have moved on fully from past disturbances, traumas and anything that may interrupt the process of love making and cause you to lose your erection.

It is indeed possible that your body is in perfect condition, but that your mind is holding you back and causing you to lose erections.

Sexual anxiety, unintentionally thinking of a former lover, worrying about work and other factors can disrupt your sexual desire.

This is far more complex and requires more expert treatment.

One technique that many people report as successful is hypnosis.

Every man has at one point had his concentration broken and lost his erection due to a concern or worry on his mind. Don’t be overly concerned. There are solutions to help you to relax and be at ease with what you’re doing without being distracted.

Self hypnosis could be worth trying if you are lacking in confidence.

You can actually consider yourself fortunate that you’re in good physical condition and that if all goes well, hypnosis to enhance sexual performance will help you regain confidence and concentration for improved sexual performance.

4. Practice Maintaing Erections For Longer

You are allowed to practice on your own in order to develop your ability to maintain erections for longer.

This is yet another technique that works well for many men.

Masturbating for long periods without reaching orgasm can boost natural free testosterone levels and improve blood circulation in your penile area.

Make sure you are relaxed and alone when doing this for best results.

What worked for me has now been compiled into a program including all the natural erection exercises and penile massage techniques to improve erection quality in a dedicated program.

This was especially useful and helped me to maintain erections for much longer. 

5. Erection exercises to keep erect

Exercises to improve erection quality have been proven to increase erection quality and strength.

When using along with testosterone boosting supplements pelvic floor exercises are especially benefical.

These are also known as Kegel workouts, named after the doctor who first started recommending them.

An offical medical study is proof that muscles around the penile area improve erection quality and can even cure erectile dysfunction.

This also means they can help you to stay harder for longer in bed.

Flexing your penile muscles (the same ones used to urinate) about 100 times per day is recommended to be able to keep an erection harder for longer.