Food For Increasing Sex Drive & Sexual Desire

How might food be a great way of increasing sex drive and boosting sexual desire in both men and women?

It’s nothing to do with the taste of food or the texture. After all, oysters are perhaps the best known aphrodisiac and yet to some people oysters taste like slimy, salty fish.

Increasing sex drive with food and diet is all about choosing the right foods that contain the best vitamins for improving libido.

Food boosts male and female libido

Some foods boost libido in both men and women, as they contain adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals that are effective at increasing sex drive in both sexes.

Other libido increasing foods are more suitable for men as they tend to boost testosterone levels.

But the single most important part of increasing sex drive with food is toeliminate junk food and bad food from your diet now.

Boost Male Libido From Today

Rather than KILLING your erections every day by eating nasty, libido-destroying foods just find out how to avoid them for good, from today.

Grab your guide on how to boost male libido by avoiding erection-killing foods

It could be that a combination of poor diet (including too much junk food), alcohol and lack of exercise has contributed to your low libido problem. 

It could also be that your poor physical condition has led to you lacking in sexual confidence and motivation.

When it comes to the bedroom, your lack of sexual confidence further lowers your level of desire. You no longer see yourself as attractive and you only want to have sex with the lights off. And even then, you find yourself tense and can’t have sex for very long.

Regardless of whether you’re confident or not in bed, your body still needs the best food to perform adequately. Your physical condition also needs to be optimal.

A weak libido is caused by hormonal imbalance, poor circulation and the wrong diet or lifestyle. Taking care of the very food that you eat is essential for improving libido.

Increasing sex drive – the exercise

The most efficient exercise program which gets you results very fast will accomplish several goals for you.

The best exercise for libido will burn fat very fast, improve your blood circulation and increase energy levels. Generally, it’s only shorter and sharper, more intense workouts that are effective at increasing sex drive in both men and women.

After 2 or 3 months of the right exercise you’ll find your libido has hit the roof, your concentration and motivation levels will be excellent and you’ll feel very clean and light.

Your sexual self confidence will also be flying sky high thanks to your new lean body which will feel great to your partner or lovers.

Long workouts may help your general fitness levels but shorter and more intense workouts not only take up less of your precious time but also help to revive flagging libido fast.

For men, concentrate more on a combination of intense cardio and muscle building exercises. You’ll burn plenty of fat and increase muscle mass, which in turn boosts the level of testosterone in your body.

For women, combining intense cardio with muscle toning exercises is excellent for increasing sex drive.

For both sexes, limiting your workouts to 45-55 minutes is recommended for the best results.

If you already know about how to work out and have good experience with fitness then you should be fine.

If you need some guidance, then have a look at the fat burning furnace program. It is suitable for those looking to get into shape and boost libido, which goes hand in hand.

Increasing sex drive – the diet

The ideal diet for boosting libido breaks down quite simply once you understand it.

In fact, let’s not see this as a diet at all. You should see it as creating new and permanent habits.

Going on a diet for 2 months is completely useless and has no benefits. As soon as you finish your diet, you tend to revert straight back to your previous, low libido eating habits.

Instead, make yourself new permanent rules.

You need to reduce your carbs intake first of all. Many carb foods are made with cereals that are farmed using techniques that render the grains incompatible with your body.

Did you ever find that you get bloated and have digestion problems on occasions? Yes you probably do.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you never ever had a bloated stomach? I bet you do. That’s because farming techniques have changed for the worse during the past twenty years.

Reduce your intake of pasta, bread and cereal and white rice. Instead, have pasta made with vegetables or eggs and opt for brown rice and new potatoes.

Reduce salt and fat levels. There is no need to cut out fat completely; some fats are necessary. But you need to reduce your intake of fried food and low grade oil.

Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables, eggs, raw nuts (not roasted peanuts).

Eat meats such as turkey, chicken and beef. Eat more fish which will be beneficial for your circulation.

Only buy good quality meat and vegetables, preferably organic.

Libido increasing foods

There are a number of foods that are rich in vitamins for increasing sex drive.

You may have heard of oysters, avocados, eggs and broccoli being important for boosting libido.

There are some more great, tasty foods that you can include more of in order to have a high performing libido.

Including more of these great foods increases the levels of the right vitamins and minerals to give your libido a welcome boost.

In addition to this, most of these foods are very tasty and compatible with lots of recipes.

You’ll benefit from increased energy levels, better circulation, clearer thoughts and generally higher levels of vitality than you had before.

Remember to combine these foods with a great workout plan and you’ll be well on your way to high libido happiness. 

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