Increasing Female Libido Naturally. Increasing Desire.

Increasing female libido and desire can be confusing at first.

After all, a low sex can occur in both young and old women. A 50 year old lady can have a better sex drive than a 25 year old girl and vice versa for example.

There appear to be no rules and little logic that helps you understand libido enhancement for ladies.

Understanding the causes of female low libido and desire

The key to increasing female libido and desire depends on what causes you to have a low sex drive in the first place.

The causes can broadly be divided into physical and psychological although suffering from both at the same time is possible.

The physical causes of your low sex drive maybe related to your diet, your medication, weight, lack of sleep and menopause.

Reach optimal physical condition

Unless you’re sure that your problem is mental then getting into shape physically to improve your libido should be your immediate priority.

In fact, even if you do think your sex drive is faltering for psychological reasons, you should make sure you’re in optimal physical shape in order to enjoy sex as much as possible.

After all, having great sex is important.

Another advantage besides having better sex is that your partner will appreciate your body more and get turned on by it.

You’ll feel more confident, relaxed and you’ll have a new vitality that will cause you to positively glow.

This feeling, together with an improved sex life will see you feeling satisfied in many areas of your life.

Increasing female libido can bring endless benefits to you.

While sometimes taking a simple natural supplement such as HerSolutionworks very well, women can have a variety of reasons for low libido. Sometimes, lack of communication or stress can play a major role. 

These herbs can improve female libido quickly 

Experiencing the menopause dip? See how to increase your libido

Libido increasing food

Eating too much of the wrong food, even if you’re in apparent good physical condition and not overweight, can dampen your libido and block natural flows of energy in your body.

Even if you’re slim, too much junk food, fat, alcohol and salt can overwork vital organs such as the liver and cause hormonal imbalances, playing havoc with your sex drive.

You’ll need to form some new, life-improving permanent habits to achieve that optimal libido enhancing body that you want so much.

This may be hard at first but the great thing is that you’ll enjoy sex a whole lot more. 

Libido increasing food which boosts your sex drive

Medication that affects your sex drive

If you’re suffering from a low sex drive, then check the medication you’ve been taking.

Even if you’ve been taking the same birth control pill for years, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start suffering from its side effects now.

You or I don’t know much enough how birth control pills are manufactured in order to determine whether they could affect your libido adversely.

What I do know is that very often, women who change their birth control pills can suddenly experience either a reduced sex drive, or an increased one.

If you must take the pill, then at least discuss the possibility of taking a different brand with your doctor.

Otherwise, just stop taking it. You don’t have to pop pills every day to enjoy sex.

In fact, birth control pills can reduce your levels of testosterone which in turn, reduces your libido levels.

Even after changing birth control pills, you may find you have difficulties increasing your desire.

This is where testosterone products for increasing female libido become very useful. 

Testosterone for increasing female libido 


Antidepressants and increasing female libido are not generally spoken about in the same breath!

This is because for many women, antidepressant drugs are reported to have brought about a loss of interest in sex, or a lower sex drive.

Taking this medication may help depressed women bear with their heavy load in an easier way, but is it really worth it at the expense of having a low libido?

If you suspect that this is the cause, then speak to your doctor and do everything to get off these drugs. 

Libido boosters for ladies

Your weight

Being overweight is no fun and places an extra strain on your body.

You may have been overweight for years and enjoying sex, but that doesn’t mean it can’t take its toll on your body one day.

Strain on your heart, liver, kidneys and basic bodily functions eventually can have a knock-on effect on your sex drive.

For many women, being obese affects their self image and causes a lack of sexual confidence.

If you want to enjoy sex again, you need to adopt a low fat, high protein, fruit and vegetable diet, with plenty of exercise.

A body that functions well is essential for increasing female libido.

How do you get looking great in just a few short weeks?

Some women use the Truth About Abs program to improve their body.

Programs like this one can help improve confidence and improve image.

Lack of sleep

Having young children that wake you up early, being a bit stressed over work, or simply going partying too late and too often can eventually weaken your desire.

Make getting good sleep a priority and make it natural sleep. Go to bed one hour earlier and cut out any TV. Television will waste your time and your health.

Going to bed with no TV and a full hour earlier than usual can relax you, give you time to make love and let you catch up on missed sleep.

Having said that, if stress is what’s causing you to have disturbed nights, then you need to address another problem.