How To Improve Stamina In Bed – 5 Tips To Last Longer For Men

These 5 tips help you learn how to improve stamina in bed, last longer and give yourself a greater chance of satisfying your lover or partner.

It’s true that when you have impressive stamina in bed, you’re a better lover.

This doesn’t mean you should keep going for hours if she isn’t enjoying it. If you do, you may hurt her or annoy her.

Your objective should be to keep going for long enough so that it’s you who decides when you ejaculate. This means that you need excellent ejaculation control and that you need to stay hard for as long as you need.

These are the 2 essential skills required for lasting as long as you like in bed.

The following tips to help you to improve stamina in bed can help enormously with this.

1. Master Ejaculation Control – Physical

Ejaculation control is improved using physical exercises.

The PC muscles help to prevent early ejaculation. Strengthening these muscles helps you to build confidence and to resist ejaculation when you feel the urge.

The PC muscles are those used when you urinate, to stop yourself from urinating.

Making them stronger should give you great ejaculation control.

Exercise these muscles 100 times per day by flexing them slowing and surely for at least 5 seconds at a time.

These exercises are also known as Kegels, or strengthening the pelvic floor.

Take rest days to let your PC muscles recover for best results.

2. Master Ejaculation Control – Mental

I would estimate that ejaculation control is about 80% psychological.

Many men with premature ejaculation problems cannot overcome the physical anxiety or sexual nervousness that causes PE.

To help you to overcome this problem, I can recommend that you visualize regularly while breathing deeply during a training session.

Overcoming ejaculation control problems that are caused by nervousness or sexual anxiety can be overcome by using a self-help program, which you may like to check out.

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3. Edging

It’s important to visualize yourself as lasting longer and to use the orgasm edging technique to bring yourself to the brink without ejaculating.

Orgasm edging is when you continuously refrain from ejaculating just before it happens.

This takes a little practice to master, but the benefits are that you improve stamina in bed and that your erections should become harder.

You’ll probably prefer to try this on your own to start with.

4. Using Supplements

When you improve stamina in bed, it’s also about staying harder for longer.

Many men lose their erection after 10 or 15 minutes and end up disappointed.

Your objective should be staying hard for as long as you reasonably need to, whether it be 20 minutes, 45 minutes or 90 minutes.

With long-lasting erections, you’ll be confident, powerful and virile in bed. This is especially true if you know how to control your ejaculation.

Hard erections that last for longer are possible with a little help from some natural plant-based supplements that boost your libido naturally. 

Get harder erections naturally

5. Controlled Breathing

Many men don’t take their breathing as seriously as they should when it comes to sex.

Breathing correctly is very important for your performance for 2 good reasons:

1. Breathing helps you to control ejaculation by staying relaxed, calm and in control

2. Breathing helps to improve blood circulation and oxygen in your blood which is important for maintaining an erection for longer

When you are in the act, get into the habit of being conscious of your breathing.

Breathe quite deeply and not too fast and make your breathing pattern regular and constant.