How to Make Her Come – Every Single Time

How to make her come every single time? Well, every guy must have thought about this question once, if not several times in his life.

However, it’s not always simple to make a woman come. For instance, there’s no real guide or instruction manual to get there. Also, many women have never experienced a single orgasm. Thus, this reflects a very sad truth: many men do not know HOW to make a woman come.

But that’s the point of this article, to point out important things to know how to make her come…every single time.

Now, let’s explore the world of the feminine orgasm!

How to Make Her Come – Solid Advice

Create the Right Atmosphere

Before the big action, you should always do the fieldwork.

Start by complimenting her, cracking a joke or any other nice and spontaneous attention that comes to mind. For instance, readjusting a pillow under her head is a small gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

In the end, anything that can improve her mood is a go!

And you can start early… For example, by sending her a naughty or subtle text message to stimulate her imagination…

Be creative!

Don’t Skip Foreplay

We aren’t going for the usual clichés here – like: men don’t enjoy foreplay and women can’t get enough of it. Meh. People are different and so are couples. There are many variations and do YOU! (1)

However, generally speaking, most women enjoy foreplay and consider it to be a sexual act in itself. So, usually, the more developed (and wild) the foreplay, the more stimulating will be the rest of the meal!

Women usually enjoy when a man explores their body. So, don’t be shy and play with every single corner of her gorgeous body. Not used to it? Experiment!

Start kissing and caressing her, on her neck, her bust and belly. Gently bite into her earlobes, use your tongue to taste her skin. Also, don’t forget to play with her legs, feet, arse, etc.

Finally, do not forget her most intimate part…be gentle and don’t get your teeth out!

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Make Her Come … Several Times

How to make her come…

Well, women don’t necessarily work in the same way. For instance, some women prefer clitoridian stimulation and other vaginal, while others need both.

The point being: you can’t avoid her…precious. Trust me, if you do, that’s a big disadvantage for what’s to come.

However, if you are concerned about hygiene, go for a quick and hot shower together!

Moreover, the genital apparatus of a woman is a clean place (on the inside) that does it’s own cleaning. So, if your sexual partner is healthy (and has good hygiene), you shouldn’t have any issues. And no, there’s no toothed monster inside! 😉

To succeed when it comes to the art of cunnilingus – aka tongue playing with a women’s genitals – start by playing delicately with her clitoris and the front face of her vagina. To do so, use your tongue and a couple of fingers. Also, don’t hesitate to open up her big lips to have a better access to the clitoris.

Warning: The clitoris is an EXTREMELY sensitive little gland. So, don’t go crazy either. Observe her reactions to make sure you are doing it right.

When you start to feel her pelvis moving, increase your game-play accordingly…she’s about to come!

Play (a little) With Positions

Not every position can guarantee success in the orgasm department. As a matter of fact, some positions a far more stimulating than others. For instance, going doggy-style for the whole thing isn’t necessarily a good idea. But a bit of it, can be a good idea.

Let’s illustrate this better: when the clitoris is in contact with your pubic area, not unlike with the reverse missionary, both of you can modulate the amount of friction between your genitals. Thus, you can adjust the intensity of this position.

In addition, the positions that allow a deeper penetration tend to be far more stimulating.

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For example, the position of the missionary allows a profound penetration. To do this position the woman places her legs on each side of your shoulders.

Nonetheless, when it comes to positions, don’t go changing them every 5 minutes. Instead, observe the rhythm of the moment and if one of you is uncomfortable or it’s getting a bit repetitive, change your style!

How to Make Her Come – By Communicating

First and foremost, whether you are about to have fun with your wife, partner or booty call…remember to communicate!

For instance, a cook will always want to know if his food is any good. Here, it’s the same.

When you are about to get hot and sticky, ask her whether she prefers “this position or that one”. Especially, if you don’t know what she enjoys.

Also, ask her openly about her favourite positions and sexual fantasies – then, you can oblige (if you want to, of course).

So, how to make her come?

In fact, making a woman come isn’t rocket science. You just need the right knowledge, practice, a bit of patience and a lot of communication!

Generally, it all starts with foreplay that isn’t shy. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, sex shouldn’t be sanitized. So, when foreplay comes, go for it – discover her body & stimulate her clitoris, her internal and external lips, her vagina and find the famous G spot.

Also, if you manage to make her come before the penetration, her vagina will be tighter and more sensitive…and she will be flooded with feel-good hormones… Therefore, you will both have a brilliant time!

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(1) Actual and desired duration of foreplay and intercourse: discordance and misperceptions within heterosexual couples. Miller SA, Byers ES. J Sex Res. 2004.

Vincent Lee