How To Increase Penile Size Naturally From Home

Even men who are satisfied with their size want to learn how to increase penile size naturally from home.

Penis size has been a topic for debate since the beginning of documented history, with the ancient Greeks considering a large manhood to be a symbol of power and virility. The Romans held in high regard Priapus’s larger than average manhood.

Increasing penis size naturally is not new either. In certain cultures it has been claimed that men practiced jelqing the penis repeatedly from a relatively young age.

However, it’s only recently that these ancient techniques have been learnt by men all over the world.

A Word Of Caution

If you are interested in learning how to increase penile size yourself, you should know that the penis is a sensitive part of your body

Causing long term damage to your manhood would be very unpleasant for you and you should take care when performing penis workouts.

The Penis Workouts

What is a penis workout?

Well, penis workouts or exercises can break down as follows:

1. Jelqing: gentle repeat ballooning using the hands to coax the penis slowly out of the body and to improve blood circulation

2. Penis muscles: Kegel workouts are a great easy way of improving size (width and length) as well as erection quality

3. Simple stretches: easy stretching techniques help to relax ligaments that hold the penis inside the body for increased length

How To Structure Penile Workouts

If you’re serious about wanting to know how to increase penile size then you should know there is a certain exercise structure to respect.

Just as if you were working out at the gym, you should warm up your penis and warm down correctly as well. This is important for taking good care of your manhood and avoiding any damage.

Similarly, rest days should be taken in order for the penis to recover successfully. Sleep quality is important, just as is obtaining hard erections.

Hard Erections Help

The harder your erections are, the more beneficial it can be for increasing your size. Blood circulation is improved permitting your penis to soak for longer in hormone-rich blood, expanding the capillaries and increasing size.

A healthy diet complete with green vegetable and without soda, fast food and prepared foods can be very helpful for increasing penis size.

How To Improve Erection Quality For Ultimate Size Increases

An especially simple way of achieving very hard erections is by taking a supplement.

Many supplements work as a potent testosterone booster and aphrodisiac which is like a natural magic erection bullet.

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A Penile Size Increasing Program

So to resume, in order to know how to increase penile size naturally and safely, you’ll need to master the following techniques:

1. Penile warmups

2. Penile stretching

3. Penile strengthening

4. Improving penile blood circulation

5. Penile warm downs

6. Penis workout rest days for recuperation

All of the above is enhanced greatly by using a supplement to make your erections much harder.

The Full Program

Many men contact me asking me to recommend them the best penis enhancing program out there.

I take into account value, effectiveness and return rate of these programs myself, to make sure we get the full guarantee of size improvement.

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Take care when attempting to increase penis size. As I said, it’s very important that you do not damage your manhood. It’s really not worth the risk.