How to Charm a Younger Woman

To charm a younger woman – especially after your forties – can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Indeed, depending on your age, hers and the importance of the age gap, many things can happen.

In practical terms, you can get three answers: a yes, a no or a maybe.

However, before starting to charm a younger woman, you will need to be able to read some early signs, to figure out if she’s even remotely interested.

So, if you suspect a yes or a maybe, go for it!

Now, let’s tackle some serious shi*: how to charm a younger woman? Is it really that different?

How to Charm a Younger Woman – By Being Yourself

Before starting practice, remember this: women tend to be more mature than men.

Therefore, a younger woman may have a similar maturity level, despite the age gap.

Now, let’s talk business!

It probably won’t be the first time that you hear this but let’s say it anyway… the first step to charm a younger woman (or any woman for that matter) is to be yourself. Yes, being natural will always attract more women than playing a seduction game.

Also, don’t forget this: she may be younger than you but that doesn’t mean you should be patronising or just judge her based on her looks.

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Show Calm & Ease

To start with, know that calm and composure are your best assets. Thus, forget about the fiery Latino stare and your usual pick-up lines. Generally speaking, it doesn’t attract many woman – no matter what others say.

However, a calm behaviour, composure and a certain social ease are by far more attractive. Usually, women prefer the chill guy that knows what his doing to the one that’s here to play with them …

Moreover, having a social status and/or a career can have an impact on younger women. For instance, if you want something a bit more serious, be subtle about it. However, if you are looking for some heavy petting…you can discreetly show off (a bit) – but avoid bragging!

If work wise there isn’t much to brag about, you’ll have two options: you can either be honest or avoid the subject. But yeah, you can also lie (not the best approach mind you)…it’s up to you.

So, to sum it up, it’s up to you to share what you want to share…

In conclusion, being natural (even awkward or clumsy) is often seen as sexy. Especially, if you project confidence most of the time!

And if you don’t, pretend!

How to Charm a Younger Woman – By Putting Yourself in the Spotlight

The bigger the age difference, the more problems can arise from it.

Here’s a few things that can happen: a cultural/generational gap, a lack of energy & performance, the fear of what others may say and a really specific fear…will sexuality be any good?

However, a man of a certain age will generally reflect an image with more wisdom, virility and knowledge that can fascinate younger women. So, even if some things have changed over time, do not forget that you now possess qualities you didn’t have back then!

Moreover, science says that younger women usually prefer older men. (1)

Thus, if the things mentioned above are ever implied in a conversation, be open-minded and don’t hesitate to approach them with humour. After all, making fun of oneself is what makes British humour magnificent – so, make sure to do the same, should you need to.

Also, if your face appears a bit harsh, humour will show a lighter side of you – and that’s one hell of a charm asset!

If the relationship becomes more serious, be adventurous and surprise her. Organise fun activities: travelling (even locally), adrenaline pumped activities (paraglider, parachute jump, bungee jumping, karting, etc.). Indeed, you will have to show her…your wild side!

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How to Charm a Younger Woman – Extra Tips

Be Confident

To charm a younger woman, you will have to show your leadership skills. The majority of women will be far more attracted to a man that knows what is doing, than not.

Consequently, take initiative and don’t let external feedback kill your natural self. To impress a woman, any woman, that’s essential.

In addition, show her that you can take decisions, while taking into account her own opinion. Now, if you can do that, you might win big!

Nevertheless, if you are naturally the alpha one, observe her reaction to it. If it’s too much, dampen your fire a bit. However, if she’s enjoying it, be proud of it!


Do not mistake dominance for control. Those are two very different things. And women heavily dislike being controlled – in any way.

A Gentleman is Always Way More Attractive

Nowadays, chivalry – or gallantry – isn’t exactly on the spotlight. However, I firmly believe that many men and women appreciate it – and find it to be a real quality.

Like anything else, it’s all about personal preference. Some women will proudly show their independence and will be demonstrative about it – while others also appreciate a helping hand.

It’s up to you, to see what’s more adequate for her.

And when things get hot and sweaty…do not pressure her into it. Be respectful and thoughtful but don’t hesitate to take action if the moment is right.

You could start by inviting her for a diner at yours…who knows what the dessert could be!

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(1) “Men’s and Women’s Youngest and Oldest Considered and Actual Sex Partners.” Antfolk, Jan. PsyArXiv, 29 Jan. 2018. Web.

Vincent Lee