How to Boost your Energy Levels ?

One of the most valuable things we own in life is energy. That same energy is the essence of future goals and dreams. However, energy isn’t exactly a straight forward thing. Therefore, how to boost your energy levels?

We don’t necessarily know where it comes from or how to boost it. Sometimes, it will powerful as soon as we open one eye, a ferocious and determined energy. But some days are cloudier, it’s lacking and its absence weights heavily on us.

This crucial resource is the vitality that gives flavour, intoxicating smells and colour to our lives. However, energy is a force with multiple sources. In order to improve it daily, there are several strategies available…let’s take a look at them!

How to Boost your Energy Levels – By Improving your Lifestyle

If there’s one thing that can “easily” be improved, it’s our diets and the attention we give to our bodies. By doing so, you can be certain to observe real results. Among them, you will improve your health, your physical aspect (e.g., your skin will be cleaner and more radiant) and if you are overweight, you’ll lose some weight too. Brilliant!

What’s even more surprising is that with a few key changes, you will have a lot more energy daily.

By Eating Healthily

Cooking is a basic skill to master in order to be healthy and full of energy. To start with, you’ll have to eliminate industrial meals (pre-made foods & fast food) and limit transformed foods (white rice and pasta, bread, cereals, etc.).

Your major enemy is SUGAR. You’ll find it anywhere, in industrial foods, fast food, crackers, alcohol, carbs and of course, anything sweet.

In order to reduce your consumption of sugar, replace carbs with legumes (with moderation) and generous sides of seasonal vegetables (preferably steamed with a bit of extra virgin olive oil or organic butter).

When you fancy some of that sweet sweetness in your life, eat fruits! Chose them organic and seasonal when possible, to enjoy as much nutrients as possible and less…pesticides. If you can’t live without sugar, get yourself some stevia based sweetener. Stevia is a naturally sweet plant entirely devoid of side effects (unlike aspartame which is a known carcinogen). (1)

Learn to cook simply and garnish your meals with spices and fresh herbs for a satisfying flavour. For extra help, search recipes online, you will find a multitude of websites conceived for people who don’t know how to cook or don’t cook much.

Spices bring life to your meals but they can also improve libido and ED. Check out the properties of turmeric!

By Exercising Regularly

Paradoxically, to boost your energy levels, you will need to expand more! Indeed, our bodies are designed for movement, especially when it comes to walking.

By moving regularly (with your legs), your mood will be improved and your brain activity boosted by the extra amount of blood received in your brain and consequently, of oxygen. (2)

Furthermore, if you have the possibility of installing a treadmill desk or to work standing, it will revolutionize your health!

If that’s not in the realm of possibility, go for brisk walks 2 or 3 times daily (10 minutes each). Those fast walks are ideal to boost your health and improve cognitive function. Additionally, if you’re overweight, you will lose some of it too!

Moreover, exercise regularly and chose an activity you truly enjoy (4 or 5 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes). Ideally, you could alternate between a cardiovascular (swimming, running, etc.) and a muscle strengthening activity (weight lifting is also a brilliant way to boost your testosterone levels).

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How to Boost your Energy Levels – By Managing your Stress and Environment

Mental health is an essential component of healthy energy levels. Nowadays, stress tends to be everywhere and unfortunately, it’s hard to keep it out of home. With our exceedingly complicated careers, commuting, work pressure, administrative caveats and our personal lives, we tend to move at an accelerated rate.

Yet, to enjoy life, it’s essential to pause the madness and savour moments of simplicity.

For instance, sharing a nice meal with our family or friends, going out to see an exciting movie, going to the countryside for the week-end, having a swimming-pool break, meditating in a calm place or being absorbed in a song that we love.

Enjoy those moments as much as you possible can. This is the stuff of life!

Moreover, managing your stress levels is crucial in order to deal with it. There is a wide array of activities that can help you to do so. For example, you could choose a hobby you enjoy or want to try: painting, photography, learning to play an instrument, yoga, meditation or tai-chi.

Also, it’s important to take care of your loved ones and avoid toxic relationships. Don’t hesitate to evaluate your relationships every now and then, to see if those people should still be in your life.

Bonus: Sleep is crucial to keep your energy levels strong. Make sure you sleeping patterns are regular and that you sleep enough (naps are allowed). Avoid all gadgets one hour before sleeping.

How to Boost your Energy Levels – Conclusion

Often, to be happy and full of energy, it all starts by following your call or finding out what that is. If you have found your calling, keep pushing forward and learn from your mistakes.

Energy is intimately linked to joy. Therefore, to enjoy better batteries, allow yourself to live fully and enjoy the new (and the old)!

No matter what, the most important thing is to move forward. Should you need help, ask your loved ones and/or take an appointment with a professional. Men can also struggle and should not be ashamed of that.

You could do something fun now…!

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Vincent Lee