Increase Sperm with Ginseng For Bigger Ejaculations

We know from studies that ginseng can improve erections in men, but can the ancient plant ginseng increase sperm motility and semen volume?

It’s not unlikely that you have seen ginseng (IE ginseng root) in the supplement section of grocery stores, specialty supplement stores, or while browsing the internet. However, many remain unaware of what ginseng is and the benefits it can provide.

The plant has been used for over 2,000 years in various forms of medicine. Ginseng began being used in China and the Korea region and is a short plant; today ginseng is also grown within Canada and the United States as well.

The root contains the highest amount of active ginsenosides, which is the ingredient which gives the plant medicinal properties. Ginseng has been used as an ingredient to help treat a number of ailments:

  • Hardened arteries
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Colitis
  • Loss of strength

Ginseng is proven to have a positive influence in the following areas as well:

  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-stress
  • Immune system modulation
  • Hormonal effect
  • Boost in athletic performance

Many men also use ginseng to improve the intensity of their ejaculations and increase sperm count.

Ginseng is also used to help fight erectile dysfunction (ED). Panax ginseng is the strand of ginseng often attached to improving sexual health in men.

How Ginseng Helps Improve Sexual Health, Sperm, And Erections

In China, ginseng extract has been used to treat erectile dysfunction for quite some time.

While ED symptoms are often caused by physical circumstances such as; heart disease, atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels), Parkinson’s disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and other conditions.

While ginseng does not help treat those causes of erectile dysfunction, the herb is a powerful tool when attempting to combat psychological issues which result in ED. Ginseng is linked to helping combat depression, anxiety, and stress, which when reversed tends to lead to an increase in the male libido.

Panax ginseng is linked to improving sexual performance in men and women and while few studies have attempted to discover its exact effects, they do point to improving sexual desire in both sexes. The relationship ginseng has in increasing sex drive isn’t well understood, yet many believe the herb works with the body to lower stress.

Ginseng To Increase Sperm

Ginseng has been shown to increase the sperm count in men. Low levels of sperm in males can result in infertility issues. Ginseng helps to increase the number of sperm cells in each ejaculation.

Not only does ginseng help sexual organs produce more sperm cells, it also helps decrease the number of sperm cells lost due to aging.

Ginseng has been shown to increase sperm motility. If a man’s sperm suffers from motility issues, he can have fertility issues no matter his sperm count. Ginseng helps sperm cells move forward (the only direction they can move in to fertilize an egg).

Ginseng And Testosterone

Testosterone is important for sexual health as it stimulates the hypothalamus. Ginseng is linked to helping increase the circulation of blood, which is vital for testosterone to feed sex organs the nutrients they need.

Ginseng encourages the heart to pump blood faster and more efficiently, leading to youthful feelings which also lead to an increase in sexual desire.

Other Positive Effects Of Ginseng

Ginseng gives the body a calming effect which helps lower stress and fatigue.  These life-improving effects allow men to perform better in their sex life and have more powerful ejaculations due to increases in stamina due to lowered stress.

Not only do these positive attributes help improve the sex lives of men and women, it also helps increase the overall well-being of the body, leading to a better quality of life.

Additional studies have found that it’s likely that ginseng helps boost the immune system. Studies have shown that American ginseng extract may decrease the number of colds adults contract.

Is Ginseng Right For You If You Have Low Sperm Count Or ED?

Yes is the short answer. This plant is proven to increase your sperm and erectile performance. However, you should know that it will work better for men whose physical condition is optimal; who have a diet rich in nutrients and who avoid junk and processed food.

Before taking ginseng, it is important to know that red Panax ginseng is the strand that is proven to benefit sexual health.

Eleuthero and Siberian ginseng are often marketed as ginseng, which is problematic as neither contains ginsenosides.

You should also know that Ginseng is one of the most used herbs around the world, making the possibility of cheap versions made for profit a lucrative endeavor.

Make sure you’re on the right track when you choose the product: variations in quality and amount of active ingredients in ginseng are common, so we’d recommend trying a few before settling on your preferred brand.

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