Foods to Improve your Sexual Endurance

Do you want to improve your sexual endurance ? Of course, we all want to be able to last on the long run and enjoy sex at its fullest. However, sometimes, our bodies aren’t following. Don’t worry, solutions exist. For instance, by changing your diet, you can considerably improve your endurance.

But what kind of foods will turn short sexy times into passionate bed marathons?

Bad Diet, Testosterone Levels and Fertility

Nowadays, testosterone levels are diminishing all over the world. Under those circumstances, it’s no surprise to see a rise of erectile dysfunction, infertility and libido troubles. However, instead of going for the pills straight away, you might want to improve your lifestyle, especially your diet – to improve your sexual endurance and fertility.

The truth is: a pill comes with a mountain of side effects that won’t help you long term. For long-lasting results, you will need to change, period. By doing so, you will improve your overall health and your sexual life will only be better for it.

A poor diet can severely impact your libido and your sexual function. Additionally, it will also increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and blood pressure. Nevertheless, by balancing your diet, you will see very real improvements but for that to work, you need to start. (1)

Positive changes can only come if you put some effort into it. There’s no magic pill and until there is, you’ll need to take care of your body to be able to use it at its maximum potential.

First Steps to Improve your Sexual Endurance

To really improve sexual function and endurance, you will need to start by eliminating harmful foods.

Which ones?

  • White Carbs: refined pasta, rice, bread, pancakes and anything made with refined flour
  • Sugar and Sweet Foods: sweets, sodas, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • Fast-food: Burgers, kebab, pizza, pre-made meals, etc.
  • Transformed/Cured Meats: chorizo, pancetta, serrano ham, bacon, french saucisson, etc. Some of these can be eaten for a cheat day (once a month maximum and with moderation)
  • Hydrogenated Fats: margarine and foods containing hydrogenated oils, monoglycerides and diglycerides (read the labels)
  • Alcohol: Binge drinking and cheap booze. You can drink but limit your consumption to one or two drinks per week, preferably wine or white liquor. To understand the link between alcohol and impotence, click here.

Basically, you will need to get rid off transformed foods which contain hidden sugars and hydrogenated fats, refined flour and sugar. These foods can effectively cause erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there’s cheat day but cheat day shouldn’t mean binge day! Enjoy a few naughty foods with moderation on that day (once a month). And eventually, you will notice that these foods don’t taste nearly as good as you once thought they did. You will be surprised! (2)

You can also boost your performance and testosterone levels with cold showers. Learn more about it here.

A Diet for Ever-lasting Sex

If you are wondering what are you going to eat, let me help. A meal should include a lean protein (¼ of the plate), vegetables (½ of the plate), carbs (¼ of the plate) and a bit of a healthy fat (organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, cold pressed organic coconut oil, nuts or a bit of cheese). Don’t forget spices and herbs to bring a bit of life into your meal. For ideas, search healthy recipes on any search engine.

To get your started, let me show you specific foods that will improve your sexual endurance.

The following foods will need to be incorporated into your diet:

  • Cauliflower: This vegetable belongs to the cruciferous family (like brussel sprouts, cabbage, collard greens, kate, bok choy, etc.). This type of vegetable is rich in nitrates, a precursor of nitric oxide – a gas that will improve your blood flow and oxygen levels. By eating cruciferous vegetables, you will improve your sexual endurance and your erections.
  • Broccoli: Here, we’ve got another cruciferous vegetable but broccoli is the king of cruciferous because it also boosts testosterone production. So, when your mother used to say that greens were good for you, she was absolutely right!
  • Celery: Whether you love it or hate it, celery contains a multitude of testosterone boosting active ingredients. It’s also an excellent source of micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It will boost your fertility and improve your blood flow.
  • Beetroot: If you really want to see a quick improvement, eat beetroots daily! Why? Beetroots are one of the best sources of nitrates you’ll find. However, to obtain the full benefits, eat it raw as a salad. Borscht is not out of the menu but it won’t contain much nitrates after being cooked. Additionnaly, you can try beetroot juice to improve performance and erectile strenght.
  • Raw Cacao: Chocolate, really? Well, why not, without extra sugar and hydrogenated fats, cacao is an extremely healthy ingredient. Actually, it’s a brilliant aphrodisiac! However, there’s a down point…heating it up will destroy its amazing properties. Instead, add it to smoothies or yogurt.
  • Pomegranate: This extraordinary fruit is packed with antioxidants. By incorporating pomegranate into your weekly menu, you will improve your blood flow, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and boost your libido and performance!

Important: Medicine, tobacco, drugs and alcohol can have a negative impact on your sexuality – particularly on your blood flow. Therefore, they will have negatively affect your ability to maintain a good erection. Also, they can be a disaster for your liver. If you are on a heavy medical treatment, you might want to see your doctor for advice. If you are a chain smoker, for the sake of your health, you might want to consider vaping or stopping cold-turkey.

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Vincent Lee