How To Get Rid Of A Flabby Chest And Lose Chest Fat!

flabby chest is even worse than a flabby gut for men. I’m not surprised you want to lose the moobs.

Firstly, men with a flabby chest can look like women from a distance and sometimes get unkind comments.

Solutions for chest fat

Secondly, chest fat is largely misunderstood, just as belly fat is.

To find solutions for both chest fat and belly fat, you need to look at the causes.

Exercises do work to some extent, but can also make your manboobs and flabby body actually look worse!

How is this possible?

Flab on the chest is mostly caused byhormonal imbalances and not necessarily a lack of exercise (although a lack of exercise contributes to it).

Men are often surprised to see that flab can remain on the chest even after building up their chest muscles for weeks on end with the best possible exercises, such as the bench press, butterfly exercises, dips and press-ups.

The above exercises are all great for making your chest much stronger, but they won’t necessarily help you to lose your manboobs and get rid of the fat.

The muscle can actually build up underneath the fat, and when you build you muscles up they become bigger but the fat remains on top of the muscle.

Just like when you have a fat, soft gut, doing crunchs all day won’t necessarily help you as the muscle builds up underneath the flab.

Solutions For A Fat, Wobbly Chest

As I mentioned above, the causes of a flabby chest are more often hormonal.

Many men are surprised when they discover that manboobs tend to be caused by the presence of the female sex hormone, estrogen, in their bodies!

If you have moobs and your chest is just not toning up, whatever you do, then you need to work on restricting estrogen levels in your body before doing anything else..

How can you do this?

Read on to find out..

1. Improve Diet

Your food is the first thing you should be looking at if you have male breasts.

You should be focusing on what improves levels of free testosterone and reduces estrogen levels in your body.

Reducing white carbs, increasing intake of cruciferous vegetables and avoiding packaged food and plastic is a starting point.

I give you more detail on how to eat for a high testosterone lifestyle in my free guide to supplements.

2. Cut Down On Alcohol

Alcohol can be one of the reasons why you have a flabby chest and potential manboobs on their way.

Beer is the main culprit here, given that hops actually increase levels of the female sexual hormone, estrogen, in a man’s body.

Drop the beer and cut down your general alcohol intake.

3. Exercise And Diet Combined

Obviously, exercise plays a part in getting rid of a flabby chest and male breasts.

Exercise tones up your flab and helps your hormone levels to become more in tune with your body.

You may have been pounding away in the gym for weeks and yet your chest may still be big and loose!

Don’t worry.

I had the same problem. My chest was loose and soft, even though I could bench press pretty well and even though I’d do 3 x 12 sets of dips every time I went to the gym.

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Knowing how to combine exercise and eating properly is key to getting a toned, manly chest that feels hard when touched.

What worked for me was just following a dedicated program.

Thanks to that program I was able to go on my vacation with my chest in pretty good shape.

Once you understand exactly how your body works it’s actually quite easy to get a toned, sculpted chest.