How To Have A Naturally Firmer Penis When Erect

Men who succeed in having a firmer penis are generally far happier, more confident and of course, have better sex and can keep going for much longer.

Being able to firm up the penis, make erections that bit wider, longer and improving erection quality helps to improve numerous aspects of a man’s life.

Hard Erections Improve Your Whole Life

The man’s wife, lover or girlfriend will have a smile on their face, he will feel more manly and virile, his male hormones will be soaring and his energy levels will be high.

So just what is the secret of getting a stronger penis which gets erect easily, stays erect for longer and even has a little extra girth and length when erect?

1. Penis Supplements

Supplements that help to improve penis health, giving you longer-lasting hard erections more frequently are an excellent fast way to a firm, hard erection.

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How do natural, healthy erection supplements work for you?

* They increase blood flow to the penis by helping you to produce great levels of nitric oxide (necessary for hard erections) and by dilating the blood vessels in the penile area.

* They cause your body to have a powerful testosterone surge, increasing desire and erection power naturally. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, necessary for hard erections. Increasing it using natural herbal supplements is the easy way to strong, satisfying erections that last for ages.

* Supplements increase sensitivity in your penile area, causing your nerves to respond favorably to sexual contact, sending messages to your brain to maintain your erection.

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2. Erection Exercises – PC And Kegel

What are erection exercises?

One kind of effective erection exercise which will lead to you having a firmer penis is PC muscle flexing.

Your PC muscles are those which control urination and ejaculation. By regularly flexing these muscles, every day, you’ll eventually develop more powerful hard erections that last for longer.

Flex these muscles by simply using the same reflex that you use when stopping yourself from urinating. Hold the muscles for 5 seconds and then relax.

Try to do the above exercise 50 times per day in series of 10.

These are also known as Kegel exercises and help to strengthen the pelvic floor. They also help you gain greater ejaculation control.

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3. Erection Exercises – Penile Massage

Other erection exercises that help you to develop a firmer penis and regular, harder erections is one that involves penile massage.

This is when you massage your penis gently and regularly to improve blood circulation around the whole penile area.

Doing this correctly helps you to feed your penile nerves and tissues with hormone rich blood and improves general erection quality.

There is a certain way of doing penile massage which will get you results in far less time.

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4. Maintain Good Physical Condition

When I recommend you to stay in good physical condition, I mean you need to reduce body fat, improve physical activity and stick to a healthy diet.

You need to be exercising 3 times per week (hard, intensive workouts only), walking regularly in the sunshine where possible and eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and low in white carbs.

You also need to eliminate junk food and quit smoking, and reduce alcohol intake.

The above will help you to develop a stronger penis and harder erections when done correctly.

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