How to Figure Out if Your Partner is Unfaithful

Many of us have experienced disappointments when it comes to love and sometimes, we can doubt the stability of our current relationship. So, instead of waiting for a disaster, it’s always better to figure out what’s wrong. For instance, if you wonder if your partner is unfaithful… there are things you can do and others, you can’t.

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Several things can tell you, if your relationship is going well or not. Afterwards, it will be up to you, to figure out whether or not, you want to continue.

How to Figure if Your Partner is Unfaithful – Signs

If you feel something is wrong, it may be the case. However, sometimes, your suspicions could be the result of your own insecurity. Therefore, before looking for signs, ask yourself if the different behaviour isn’t the result of something else.

In other words, talk with your other half before going down the following path.

Although, if the conversation lacks honesty, feel free to follow our advice. But, it’s crucial not to step certain boundaries – the ones that could break your relationship forever. Because, at the end of the day, if your partner isn’t unfaithful…well, you get it.


Often, it’s more obvious to discover a man cheating on his woman. In this case, women tend to be far more discreet.

So, be attentive and importantly, analyse your current relationship. For example, are you a happy couple? Have you taken the route of complacency and routine? Have you turned a blind eye on your current status?

Indeed, complacency can push a person to become unfaithful. In other words, to start with, be honest with yourself. (1)

A Renewed Interest in your Schedule

As a matter of fact, to confirm your suspicions, the best way is through observation and communication.

Indeed, observe if her routine is different and be curious about the why. However, even if any change is a sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is unfaithful – if anything, it also could be something positive.

For example, if your partner asks you about your work schedule or when will you be home, it could mean that she’s planning something.

To know if she’s genuinely curious or not, you could come home a bit earlier than planned. Consequently, you will be able to observe her reaction.

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A Shaky Relationship

If your wife/partner often rejects the fault on you and complains non-stop, there’s an issue. Nonetheless, be aware that your own attitude could be the cause of it. Thus, it’s essential to question yourself, when necessary. (2)

However, if she’s using a blaming tactic to justify her acts, it could be because of an actual betrayal.

So, if you don’t think you are to blame and have questioned yourself thoroughly, continue searching for the truth.

A Neater Appearance

Do you remember the beginning of your relationship, I would imagine that both of you were really taking care of your appearance.

And it’s normal, at the beginning of a relationship or courtship, we want to be liked and be seductive. In consequence, we dress well and sweat more in the gym. However, over time, we tend to do less when it comes to appearance and that’s okay (as long as we don’t entirely forget to take care of ourselves).

So, if your partner has been taking care of herself more than usual. For instance, she wears more make up or dresses up more often (when she’s not going out with you). Or, she spends an extra eternity in the bathroom…

…she could be hiding something but… not necessarily cheating though.

A Lack of Time for You

The interest of your other half for your schedule can hide something. Similarly, a lack of time for you can also be suspicious.

Let’s illustrate this: for a while now, your partner refuses your invitations to go out, she finds excuses to avoid sleeping or spending time with you. Infidelity or not, be aware that your relationship is in grave danger!

So, once again, be observant, ask questions and ideally, ask her and yourself (with subtlety) the following. Why aren’t you as available? Have you argued lately? Maybe, she isn’t sharing her emotions much any more?

By asking yourself and her directly such questions, you might be able to shed some light onto the current situation.

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IMPORTANT: Things to Avoid at All Costs

To know is your partner is unfaithful, observation and communication are key methods.

However, sometimes, we can be tempted to go further. But, if your suspicions are not substantiated, you could destroy your relationship…forever.

Consequently, ALWAYS control your impulses and if you can’t, get out, exercise or/and meet with a relative/friend. Moreover, do not follow your partner, do not look into her things or phone, and do not interrogate her friends and family. By avoiding all of that, not only will you protect your integrity but in the best scenario, your relationship too.

Furthermore, avoid ANY kind of violence, psychological or physical. Indeed, don’t forget that physical violence is punishable by law and so is harassment.

How to Figure if Your Partner is Unfaithful – Conclusion

Additionally, other signs can help you figure out if your partner is unfaithful: no more common hobbies, a mysterious new friend, very little to no sex, an unknown perfume, she doesn’t want to kiss you or does it reluctantly, she’s found a new passion, etc.

Generally, if most of these signs are happening, there’s a big chance that your suspicions are real.

Therefore, if you really think that your partner is unfaithful, ask her or ask her again. Moreover, ask her at the right time – meaning, when there’s no work, appointments or any other planed event.

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Be brave my friend, hopefully, it’s nothing bad.

(1) Attachment Insecurity and Infidelity in Marriage: Do Studies of Dating Relationships Really Inform Us about Marriage? V. Michelle Russell, Levi R. Baker, and James K. McNulty. J Fam Psychol. 2013.
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