Fat Manboobs – Get Rid Of Chest Fat Naturally

Fat manboobs are no joke! Believe me, I know that having a soft chest is not funny, especially when it wobbles and when your male breasts are bigger than the female breasts sitting next to you.

Carrying extra chest fat can lead to you becoming a subject of ridicule, of getting jokes about wearing bras, of people poking you in the manboob and of embarrassment to take off your top at the beach.

No masculine man wants this. Boobs should be reserved for women or men who want to become women.

Unless you’re one of those, read on for my advice on how to get rid of fat manboobs and unsightly chest fat.

Lose Your Fat Manboobs – 3 Techniques For You To Use Today

Fat manboobs, or moobs, are so unpleasant that most men want to lose them by yesterday.

Let me tell you just one thing: exercise alone is not enough to get rid of fat manboobs.

Bench pressing, dips and butterfly exercises are great but only when combined with other techniques to shed the fat. Otherwise, you’ll end up with muscle under your moobs that actually expands your chest and makes your man boobs more noticeable!

For many men, if you take the advice really seriously, you’ll be rid of your fat manboobs in 3 weeks flat.

For others, you may take a bit longer but you’ll get there if you want to.

And let’s face it, you do want to!

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Technique 1: Reduce Female Hormones In Your Body

Now this shocks some men, because they have no idea that the main reason behind having fat manboobs is a female hormone.

Once it sinks it, men with moobs just nod their head in agreement. Of course! Women have breasts and female hormones are what produce them. How logical is that?

The difference is that breasts are actually nice to look at on women, and not on men.

To reduce estrogen in your body:

– drink filtered water

– avoid contact with exhaust fumes

– avoid contact with plastic, or foods or drinks packaged or served with any plastic around them

– take a good estrogen-reducing supplement for 3 months or so.

T Bomb works for me in reducing fat and creating much leaner, stronger muscles in the chest, arms and legs.

– stop eating junk food and eat more vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), fish and poultry such as chicken and turkey

– stop drinking beer completely, right away

Some men may need to work more on losing weight, so cut out white carbs and reduce your dairy intake. Don’t eat sugary desserts or pastries at all. If you fail to cut these out, you’ll keep your wobbly manboobs with you.

If you do take care to do all of the above, your fat manboobs will be reduced to a tight, lithe chest very fast.

Technique 2: Get Some Exercise

Unsightly manboobs cannot always be reduced by exercise alone.

As I mention, you need to reduce estrogen levels by increasing free testosterone using the techniques I’ve described.

Exercise is necessary and is a great complement to this.

Combined with estrogen-reducing techniques, good, solid exercise programs are what you need to lose manboobs forever.

Instead of muscle building under your moobs, these exercises will tone your chest area, making it lean, hard and attractive for women.

However, you’ll need to do the right kind of workouts.

Long, slow workouts where you plod on the treadmill for one hour then move to a slow exercise bike for another hour without breaking into a sweat are utterly useless, and a complete waste of your time.

You need hard and intense workouts. The advantage of these is that you’ll burn much more fat in much less time. You’ll also naturally raise your T levels and beat off estrogen.

These workouts can only last for 45 minutes maximum, freeing you up to concentrate on your other priorities.

Combine circuit training, weight training and cardio in your workouts and you’ll see the chest fat drip off you every day.

Technique 3: Lose Manboobs Faster Method

For guys who want a surefire, guaranteed way of losing manboobs in time for a new lady, a vacation on the beach or simply because you’re sick of your flabby chest fat, being the butt of jokes about wearing bras and looking like a women, you’ll need to follow all of these techniques.

When I followed the Man Boobs Fat Killer Report it all started making sense.

You eat the right foods at the right time (this is really important), you take vitamins or supplements that help the fat on your chest dissolve in less time and you get to know all the best exercises for toning the chest.

Fat manboobs are no fun, so you’ll be pretty relieved to know your chest fat can be reduced to a muscular, lean chest.

Hopefully, it’s in time for that beach vacation!