Exercise Techniques To Boost Libido And Power Up Testosterone Levels

How to Exercise to Boost Testosterone and Libido

Feeling tired? Many reports state that men with an excess of body fat will begin to feel several negative effects on their libido (your libido is also known as your sex drive or your desire).

Many men that are overweight may not be interested in many of their old hobbies or past times because of their dip in libido. The hormone testosterone plays a big part in the way that a man feels during day to day happenings.

When a man begins to put on too much excess weight they will also have higher levels of estrogen within their bodies. This can lead to adverse effects like depression, anxiety, low sex drive and possibly even sexual dysfunction. Luckily, there are exercises that a man can do to boost his libido.

Increase Sex Drive With These Exercises

Since fat increase typically coincides with higher levels of estrogen it is important that men do some type of cardiovascular exercise. The elliptical or treadmill should be a man’s best friend when going to the gym. Both of these devices work to promote fat loss and also cardiovascular strengthening.

Not only will cardio help you raise your testosterone levels, but also help you feel better. Cardiovascular training hard for 30+ minute intervals can stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine. Both of these neurotransmitter chemicals can actually make the body feel incredible with the use of any psychoactive drugs.

The type of cardio is important as well. It is important that you choose cardio that you enjoy. Some men may find that kickboxing, martial arts or American Style boxing suits them the best.

These three exercise types can help you burn up to 800 calories in one single session. For the men that are light on their feet, dance classes such as Zumba can be a great cardiovascular alternative.

This dance and cardio course will help you burn fat while dancing to a rhythmic beat. Jumping rope is another great idea for weight loss and can help you get your engines running.

Along with doing cardio a strength training routine should be done as well. It is important that you stick to compound movements that work the larger muscle groups of your body. The ideal exercise that you should do include bench press, squats, dead lifts, and pull ups.

All of these exercises require that you work more than one muscle group at the same time. The benefit of this strength training routine is that you will build muscle and raise your testosterone levels. The more muscle that you are able to put on your frame the easier it will be for you to burn fat. Strength training burns fat very effectively as well.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Testosterone and Libido

The best exercises for increasing testosterone and libido are squats and intense cardiovascular training.

The squat is the granddaddy of all exercises that requires that you recruit different muscle fibers to build muscles within the lower back and legs. This exercise also takes a lot of energy and focus within the gym.

Finally pick one cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy and stick with it. Overtime you will build muscle and burn fat, these two occurrences will cause you to increase your testosterone and libido.