Erection Health – Natural Techniques To Get Harder Erections

Good erection health is part of maintaining a high male libido.

Of course, it’s easy when we’re young men and hard erections are common and happen to us very easily.

We all remember making love repeatedly in our twenties and getting rock hard erections up to several times a day.

But how do we maintain hard erections as we get older and testosterone levels start to drop?

Masturbation and Ejaculation

The key to good penis health is not to masturbate or ejaculate too often, but not to refrain either.

Unless you are an expert at meditation, you shouldn’t refrain from masturbation and ejaculation.

Ejaculating too frequently can cause sexual exhaustion, whilst never ejaculating can shut down your testosterone levels and sex drive.

The key is to optimize and regulate the frequency of your ejaculation.

How do you do this? 

Optimize erection health with ejaculation frequency tips

Erection exercises

Exercises for getting harder erections do exist. And they do work too.

I know they work because I use them myself to maintain a high libido.

These techniques help you to maintain your erection harder and for longer periods.

For maintaining good sexual health as you age, you need to be practicing these techniques. 

The most effective erection exercises

Herbal Libido Remedies

We’ve all heard of herbal libido remedies and how a natural supplement or plant is far more beneficial to your sexual health than any pharmaceutical.

Herbal libido helps you get long term permanent solutions for your sex drive.

You’ll stay sexually healthy after taking herbs for increasing libido.

How do you know which herbs work the fastest? 

Which is the best herbal libido? Find out with my reviews

High libido diet

Having a strong libido also depends on what you eat.

Many men with a low libido have a poor diet, are overweight or are simply not eating the right foods.

Libido increasing food provides you with essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for increasing sex drive. 

Libido increasing food for improving your sexual performance 

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