Erection After Ejaculation – A Sign Times Are Good?

Dear Jon, Thank you ever so much for your info. Could you explain to me why,about last year,I start noticing I couldn’t keep my erection after Ejaculation?

It would take me a few minutes to get it back up & it would frustrate me & my wife?

Also,my wife & I have been separated (not because of & I was diagnosed as clinically depressed & I don’t know if I have the confidence to please my wife by staying hard.The depression has taken a major hit on my self esteem.

I’m 42,I have the energy of a teen(when Im not depressed), I eat pretty clean,I exercise, & I don’t take any meds.

I just got some blood work done & I’m healthy.

How can you get me back to me again?

Me who could stay hard even after ejaculating, & my self confidence back?

When my wife & I reconcile, I want to please her. Could you tell me why porno & masturbation kills the libido,or staying power? Thanks



Hi D,

It is not really so “normal” for most of us to keep an erection after ejaculation for long in fact.

In fact, most men lose their wood sometimes right away and sometimes within a few minutes, maybe 5 or 10.

If losing your erection after ejaculating is frustrating may I suggest holding off ejaculation for longer.

That way, you can keep it hard for more time. Holding off for longer also helps more testosterone and blood circulate and this can help to keep you erect for longer after ejaculating too.

Losing Erection Quality?

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However I do think that you are generally in great shape and that you should work on lasting longer in bed instead of getting too concerned about losing your erection following orgasm.

It is rare that a man in his 40s contacts me saying that he can keep hard after ejaculating! For most men this is something that happens in your younger years.

Porn And Impotence

This is a topic that I get challenged on regularly by men who think watching adult flicks is fine for them. The problem is that porn and impotence are definitely linked. Not only do I see evidence of it in emails that I receive from men, but it has been proven in studies too,

It may  interest you that not only have studies proven the link between porn addiction and erectile dysfunction, it’s also that many young men with ED contact me these days in a state of distress about their erection issues.

To read about the risks associated with porn & erection problems go here.

How Being Depressed Is Bad For Erections

Depression can be a risk for your erection quality too.

I’m not a expert on that particular topic of depression, but I can recommend you keep as active as possible and stay around people that are positive and kind.

Making new friends and finding new hobbies can be a great way to do this. Take up dancing, a team sport or music. Playing in a band can bring you a whole bunch of new friends. Follow some of your dreams and passions in life. Donating to charities can also help improve your self-worth.

I notice you say that “the depression has taken a major hit on your self-esteem”.

So from that I understand that your confidence has dropped because the doctor told you something. While the doctor has a duty to tell you the truth, it isn’t always so helpful to hear that.

By being told that you are depressed, you are becoming more depressed. Perhaps you should get a second opinion here instead of believing this doctor’s word without further validation.

Herbs That Can Help Low Moods

Otherwise, there are certain herbs that reportedly boost mood and relieve depression. These are:

  • Gaba
  • 5HTP
  • L Tyrosine

You might like to try the above and see how it goes.

Hypnotherapy To Feel Better

When a man’s mood is down it’s not easy to understand what is causing it.

However, I can recommend that you read about self-hypnosis to break out of the negative cycle and boost your mood too, especially with regards to your confidence and your love life.

In the meantime, keep reading my newsletter and my articles and hopefully you’ll be feeling great again soon.