Erectile Dysfunction and Natural Treatments – Achieve Strong Natural Erections

Suffering from erectile dysfunction means you’re in a crisis.

Your confidence is shot, you feel unhappy, you don’t feel manly or virile anymore. And worst of all, you can’t have sex and satisfy your partner.

What are the remedies, tips and solutions to bring your mojo back and get your libido running again?

Here are 5 proven ways which improve libido and erections when combined.

Boosting male libido

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1. Increase Testosterone Levels

One of the main reasons for low libido is your level of testosterone.

If your levels have taken a hit and are down, then your sex drive is very likely to be weaker, causing erectile dysfunction.

A poor diet, advanced age, too much alcohol, recreational drugs, over masturbating and lack of exercise can all lead to hormonal imbalances which weaken libido.

But don’t worry, this happens to most men at some point in life. The important thing is to take action and do something about it.

Your priority now is to address your low levels of testosterone and balance the hormones in your body. 

How To boost testosterone levels

2. Detox For Improved Libido

I have no idea what you’ve done in your life.

Many people reading this information have taken drugs, smoked and drunk plenty of alcohol. That’s ok, I did exactly the same.

Then one day, they find their libido is basically not working anymore and they suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Toxins in food along with taking too many “party drugs and alcohol” over time can result in you ending up with weak erections.

As well as boosting your testosterone levels, you’ll need to clean out your blood, detox your liver and improve circulation.

Poor circulation and a congested liver play a massive part in erectile dysfunction.

Detoxing is the only way to go here.

Combine detox methods along with testosterone boosters and you’re on the way back to recovering your sex drive.

How does your body recover from alcohol impotence? 

Detox with these excellent erection herbs

3. Adopt An Excellent Diet

Having a poor diet, loaded with junk food, low quality supermarket trash and excess fat and carbs prepared meals clogs up your arteries and cause poor blood circulation.Your erections depend not only on balancing hormone levels in your body, but also on proper blood circulation.

You’ll need to eat foods which reduce cholesterol, improve circulation provide you with the right vitamins and minerals for your sex drive to improve.

Stop eating fat food, junk food and prepared heated rubbish meals. Reduce red meat intake.

Instead, get fresh fruit and vegetables, brown rice, nuts and more raw fish. 

Libido increasing food that helps your sex drive

4. Eliminate Stress And Get More Sleep

Stress can play havoc with your sex drive and cause it to weaken. This is part mental and part physical.

Getting enough sleep helps to reduce stress and allows you to produce more testosterone.

You only produce good testosterone levels when you drop down into a deep level of sleep. If you deny yourself this, then your sex drive will suffer.

If you’re stressed with work or other matters, then take half an hour per day to perform breathing exercises and empty your mind.

Make sure you do this. Get yourself a yoga DVD, and do it first thing in the morning.

The benefits are huge. Your body will feel balanced, more energetic and your mind will feel calmer.

You’ll sleep better and with reduced stress as a result. 

Techniques to get better sleep and improve erections

5. Get Some Exercise

Getting great exercise is a massive stride towards improving sex drive and erections.

Don’t complain that you have no time to do this. Saying you don’t have the time is like saying you think it’s not important to have erection problems.

Are your erections important to you? I think they are.

Intense, short hard workouts will make a world of difference to your sex drive.

I’m not joking, the effect is remarkable, especially when you take herbal libido supplements too. 

Improving libido with exercises


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